I have to post tis. Why? Like exsqueeze me he’s like really, really, really good looking.

Yeah, I am Talking about Zoolander, funny how life imitates art or was it art imitating life. Because as we all know he is indeed really, really ridiculously good looking but besides the obvious. Zoolander was his first American gig and at that time no one knew who he was. (his family and friends did and in the end that is really all that matters in the grand scheme of life but anyways) Now his name is like a virus (a good one) it’s every where and he is desired and seemed loved.

So Not bad Alexander not bad, wishing him further success in ALL CORNERS OF HIS LIFE ESPECIALLY WHERE IT COUNTS OF COURSE HIS PERSONAL LIFE. Money and fame are great but I still have yet to see a rich person that is truly happy. They travel, they buy, they have what seems to be it all but true happiness  you CAN NOT gift wrap or buy.  ( lets just say if fame and money I have and no happiness keep it please, I will do a pleasant woman day if at the end of the day happiness is there, the most beautiful things in life doesn’t cost money it just takes a moment to sink in. A lovely moon and stunning sunset, a lovely drive through wonderful landscapes, dining and laughing, cooking with good family and friends) But I  wish him success mostly in that  Happiness and of course that his career keeping getting better and stronger and of course MULA everyone needs to have some of that.

 Say Wat?! you like reading books in Hammocks, well lookie here I like laying on men (name Alexander Skarsgård) while they (he) reads their books in Hammocks we should do that a couple of time while staring out at the sea.

 I really like him and Stephen as friends =. I like that , them. But sorry I can’t stand Beehl. I just can’t and the writer don’t help my loathing either. But I like Stephen

 haha OMg tis movie tho, I love him no matter what shape or form or ill outfit clothes or roles. I just do. I love him okay. Like so much. Happy birthday again boo boo hope you had a good one.

 awwww how much do you love tis??. I love it a lot. I love that he is that close to Papa Stellan. I love it so much.  Love tis. Love them both one more than the other of course because you know I just love Alexander. So much.


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