Grattis på födelsedagen Min kärlek Alexander Johan Hjalmar Skarsgård. Sending so much love your way.

I always liked the Swedish chef from Seasame Street now I can see why.

So the tiny humans in my house are ask me what I am doing and now she see Bday pic of Alicks that how they says his name and they say Alicks Bday so now  they sing and it sounds like tis.

We found tis really funny. But we are simple folks it doesn’t take much

All these vids are chosen by tiny humans but I co sign these choices.

They also like the hippos,  they see birthday and they get excited now they want cake, christ like is so simple when you are a child.

These pics are from Tumblr and I like them so I post them tumblr is about your bday today so I just wanted to share the ones i like and out I found tis song from Eurovision 2004 from Shirley Clamp Min kärlek. I love it so I shall post it.

Eurovision sometimes you find some stuff that alright.



Alexander  Min kärlek 


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