Yeah they have to make a Viking movie now. Kålbjörn is born. (insert excited fist pump here) A birth before a Birthday. Sounds more like a mini series.

Yeah so it’s a a boy, which is great! (a healthy baby should be the only requirement actually) Does that mean I will have all boys too, cool I can deal with that, no more pink dresses and pony tails for the future. It could be worst. Kålbjörn (which apparently means cabbage Bear haha lets not translate it then shall we. I am so calling him Cabbage bear) was born this morning by c-section they didn’t want to steal Alex bday Shine. Which is awesome they both should have a DAY for themselves. But  They should still throw a kiddies bday party with root beer and gum and cotton candy and CAKE!!

Congrats Papa Stellan and Megs!!! (Wishing her a good recovery)And Alexander and all the other Skarsgårds. Granny Skars must be totally excited, she loved her some OSSAIN boy I don’t blame her he is a adorably painfully cute kid.  

Stellan Skarsgard father again – to a Kålbjörn

Stellan Skarsgard, 61, has become a father again, for the eighthtime.

-”Early this morning Megan gave birth by planned caesarean. Everything went great. And there was yet another boy,” says Stellan to Nöjesbladet.

From the previous marriage with My Skarsgård, Stellan has six children. Alexander, Gustaf, Sam, Bill, Valter, and daughter Eija.

How does it feel to get another boy?

– “It’s great fun. It is 7-1 now. This suggests perhaps a monotonous sex life and so I slipped a little wrong once,” says Stellan and laughs.

Have you decided a name yet?

– “Yes, we think so. Kålbjörn. It is an old Viking name. Since it is well possible that we will just call him Cabbage …” (haha Papa Stellan I love him so much, Cabbage bear you know that’s what I am going to call him from now on) 

I am really going to need The Source or Sweden to produce an Epic Viking movie staring all the Skarsgård.

Tack så mycket

Now if Alexander Skarsgård can go take a family pics with his new Siblings I would very much appreciate that Union.

Tack så mycket

Oh my happy dance

 (his bday was tis week as well, so many awesome people born in August, My niece Bday is next week and my cousin was early tis month so many awesome people are born in August)

So tis is great news.

Now go forth a make A Skarsgård Viking movie. Alexander needs to come procreate with me over and over again. Or we could just practice I am not picky at all Just some contact would be nice. (call or Skype me)


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