Will she be born on Alexander’s Birthday? That would be awesome.

She meaning his baby sister, which I am hoping it is. I say it’s a girl. So has The Source aka Stellan Skarsgård aka Papa Stellan father to The Eighth not the biopic but Skarsgård in real life. Papa Stellan said that she (yes, it is until proven otherwise) should be here before the end of the month and it is the end of the month.

So I am guessing she is waiting until Alexander’s birthday to make her swedish debut. Some babies love grand entrances. (would Alexander mind? I don’t think so. I would guess he would be happy about it. He would have a kids  party for them both With root beer and cotton candy it would be cute) So is Stellan pacing the floor like a Swedish lion (or he is so use to it he can time it and knows when to get up and go) while Megan get pain alerts  and think it is happening but no The Eighth  is just messing with them or bad case of indigestion.

Or is she already here and they are getting to know her better before letting the world know that the gods and heaven has blessed the world with another Skarsgård. 

Either ways I am dying to know. Where are you Eighth come out and greet the world.

Just because I said baby.

 cute as hell  aww tis is so sweet the cat is not having any of tis shit tho, sweet or not.


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