So isn’t tis just rehashing some Scandinavian/Skarsgård flashback. Yeah I am talking about the CK Encounter short

First of all I saw it and THEY MISUSED THE CIRCLE, I HOPE THEY SORT THAT SHIT OUT QUICKLY SCANDALOUS AND should NOT HAVE HAPPEN. COME ON CK  GET IT TOGETHER. Anyways it took them long enough, see that’s why you shouldn’t tease for too long. You might build up a build up that you can’t pull off. Personally I liked it. Of course I would. Alexander is in it. It will be on my iPod of course it will be. Alexander is in it. But it wouldn’t be my soft porn on the go but it didn’t have to be. I have other stuff with his bod in it that already is. So it’s all good CK. You came, you saw, you recognize his essence and that’s all you need to sell tis and yes it will sell. Dudes don’t need a commercial spot to buy tis and their GF/ wives don’t need it either they already have their Alexander Encounter in their head and that’s what they will use when they buy all the line from the product for their other halves so in the end it a win win for all. Alexander especially. Well done for an Foreign Tv actor. well done indeed. My pride/proud for you is on a level where a scale can not measure.

But you know,  there is a but. I love the first half of the short, I love the intro with the cliff and the pan. I love landscape and nature. Give me a sunset or a nice view of the sea with the heaven and earth combine and I am in heaven. It remind me of driving in Norway where the high mountains cliff amongst  the  passing view of lakes and the sea and the trees while you were going fast with your favorite music in the background. In love.

 SO I really like tis shot. I love landscapes okay and I love water and the coloring was a nice touch.

 I love how they introduced him. Very UNF and very him. His presence. Christ

 your fucking face tho. I love it so much.

 Christ tis brought my ass back to Puss premier of 2010. When he came back out and approach me something sorta like tis but for me so much better but he did come up in slow mo (in my head) and I did stare into his eyes and they are glorious. I think that’s when I know really  wanted a sample/taste a lifetime membership of all of that. That’s also when my womb wanted to have his babies. Yep! A lot of confirmation in that very short moment back then. But  I still kept it cool like I didn’t care that much but I did and that was when I pretend I didn’t want him real bad but I did. Yep tis Ad spot brought back a lot of flashbacks, some really good ones too. 


Yeah he was in a relationship, I was on my way out of one and now he is single and he is still not here with and on top of me and waking up staring at his face. Ugh why Alexander Skarsgård WHY!! Make it happen.

Okay so they got me until he enter the house or apt or love shack,  it looked like  she was running away from a potential killer and  he was looking like he wanted to find out where her knives set are, and to make it worst the splash of waves were used wrongly and it looked like he was going to push her over the cliff  and into the sea. That for me was a no go. That’s not how you Encounter Alexander Sexy Skarsgård no CK NOT FOR ME.

So because I am female and I have requirements (which will cease when I am dead) I made a version that pleases me. I just did a quick change of the last bit. cut it down to 1:42

Because in the end I don’t think most of these people know how to utilize him. His presence sometimes I think overwhelm them. Because they are trying to put him  in a box/label of what was there before (because HW instead of recycle plastic recycle actors and older actors images) but he does have something that we have not yet seen. Men don’t know how to use his presence. Women director have a clue and try to put it forward. Generation Kill anyone. Let see if Brit brought him out in The East.

Me: Your welcome.. Self: Oh thank you.


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