Encounter (they meant Alexander Skarsgård) combines an addictive blend of freshness, warm cognac and sensual woods. Pretty much.

Yes, yes that is how that line should read. Very much true too. I am just correctly a lot of stuff today, requirements and all that.

 that is true to me he is The MAN. But okay.

That pic is divine I love those eyes. He could stare at me like that anytime. I love the hair too. Like he is staring into my soul with them and I in return stare at them and look into his. ~Eyes windows to the soul and all that.

 Beautiful pic . Very Masculine. Christ,  if eyes could impregnate women  tis would do it.

 Hi face tho. There is nothing more I would rather do than plaster my lips on his, mess up his hair and pull on it and let him say my name. I miss his face, ugh. BUT Alexander don’t want me to spend/distracting him with my assets for his bday. Lawd I would make it the best bday he ever had. But he doesn’t want it. My offering of sexy time/ love SADNESS.

 Tis is also a beautiful pic. If he could wear pants like these on a regular basis I would be ever so happy. PS I am crotch staring. It’s has been a while since I have done that so continue and stare.

How much do you want to sit down on Alexander Skarsgård. Mind out the gutter I was talking about tis chair. 

Sitting down is not what I really want to do to Alexander Skarsgård. Where is his fine ass anyways. I miss it, him. (nothing new just constant rewind in my  ind) UGH!! SADNESS. I have the sads looking at tis empty chair because then I look at my empty couch and he is not warming it up with me on there helping him.


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