Post the god damn video already CK. Fuckers!!

Come the fuck on man. What is tis mess, that you are calling a tease. I am not in the mood for such a long tease tho,  especially if Alexander is not on the other immediate end. They really need to quit tis mess. It’s not cool. But I am going to post the gifs.

 Okay so he’s not wet or he doesn’t get wet. SAD FUCKING NESS. Aww well, still have my soft porn on the go.

 he looks amazing. Now show the god damn video already.

Oh on a side note I saw these.

 hahaha hell naw. I don’t think so but good try tho and no points were issued. I could see it. Maybe

Why is he sitting so fucking close to him,  back the fuck up man.  It wouldn’t rub off on you, you know his awesomeness. It can’t be duplicated unlike you.  Yes, YOU FUCKING ARE.


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