Is today fuck with me Monday? Is it?! CK seem to thing so.

It’s gonna be, I see no other rhyme or reason for tis tease.  CK is being a major tease. FUCK ALL OF YOU!! But in saying that I am liking what I am seeing thus far. He will be wet.  Tis might be my new sort of soft porn on the go. I don’t know yet. But I am liking what I am seeing, it might just be the saving grace of tis week. Cause lawd I need a Alexander Cleansing of the sexy kind for a reason with good script and maybe awesome music and lights in the background that makes me want to go and buy the entire Encounter collection. Which is a lot I might add. Good for you, I am sure it will sell. I might even use it on myself. What?!  I love water, I love baths. I love showers and getting wet.

 I like tis poster. I really like the twilight blue. It’s working for me.

 yeah tis gonna be good. I love it already.

 yeah he is gonna be wet. Praise the Lord. Save my loins. You drive that automobile boo boo. Drive it!

 I am pretty sure he wouldn’t be the only one wet after watching tis. (you knew that was coming right?!)

 the build up. Lawd the build up. Now that’s what I am talking about and it’s a commercial for Perfume.

until the full thing comes out. My soft porn on go.

Hot water. Oh yeah.


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