They are so bringing tis shit over into Season 6.Okay some of it.

Yeah my granny always said if you ain’t got nothing nice to say then be quiet. Bless my granny, she was the best and the nicest but the baddest also. I was going to let sleeping dogs lie. But, but there are like 2 more episodes and Sookie. I mean Anna is Preggers and there is no way tis shit is gonna get wrap up in 2 episodes so yeah tis shit is coming back to bite and annoy my ass in Season 6. Of course Authorities figures will die but the irrelevant ones. That still leaves the naive one and the bitchy one. The traitor will be the bane of my life because for some reason The writers have a hard on for Beehl to be some saviour and like to repeat that every fucking season. Christ on a christ is tis the only way Beehl can be?! I mean every fucking season. Character development , hello please.

It’s annoying and tiresome and it making me loathe him unnecessary. I JUST FUCKING CAN NOT.

Gore,  but it was awesome.

Let’s look at the bright side of tis episode.

Tara was alright and I like her as a vamp.  I love it. WILL NOT BE OWN AGAIN. Sounds great to me.

Jason bless him. I know Jason, Shit just got real. Only took you and your sister 5 fucking season.

Molly is no more.  (Sadness) saw it coming but sad that they did that. She could have been awesome, she actually knew shit. Sad that the writers did go with that she and Eric could have rule shit but that’s not the way road they went down. She could have been the Spice to tis Lilith shit. So in the great words of Molly.

Sookie Vagina Strength at last. Chinese for everyone with extra chop sticks. Resourcefulness at it’s finest and brought to you by Sookie Stackhouse am I surprised?! Not really. Sorry it took her fucking 5 season to do it tho. As for Mike  . You try and eat me (not the want it should be done) There will be no regrets.

As for the rest Ugh, Really tho?! You believe in your Hallucination Goddess but your maker that appearance you question why?! Alrighty then. Don’t do drugs or blood kids it fucks with your mind. Exhibit Nora!

Okay Rant the fuck on. So it is obvious at least to me that Tis Lilith is an Hallucination and everyone that absorbs the blood sees her in their own way. Beehl wanting to rule. Sees himself as the chosen one, Salome wants redemption. Sees herself as redeemer to the massive. Nora being naive and I guess seeking acceptance sees Lilith as mother of all. Dus tis Godric Hallucination is all her and a way for her to get Eric involved/apart. I mean they share the same blood and he is weaker here. I guess, so Force truth on weaker victim.  Christ, I need to not get tis deep with tis show. Okay I release it. I am just going to watch it as coma patient from now on.



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