My thirst for Alexander is pretty bad. Seeing these pics. He needs to send me a Plane ticket.

Yeah, he needs to get on that and send me a  ticket and introduce me to his body, room or apartment or place of dwelling. Preferable before his burday. So I can hold on to his hands and stroke his back while my hands glide up his loose shirt while on our way to the movies and then do EVERYTHING (okay almost everything) expect watching the movie in the theatre. It would be fucking hawt.

 Pretty hands. Love them, I love all his bits tho. Ugh. He does it for me Christ.

Be mine motherfucker, he is giving me the Sads. Stop giving me the Sads.

 Here is my boo walking around minding his own business while I sit here and mind his and wonder why he hasn’t invite me over so I can appreciate him and his assets. I like these pants they fit will. He looks well. I want to passionately introduce my lips to his and his face. 

Handsome face and not to mention lips. Gosh I love them. So.

 he does it for me… okay. Oh gosh, does he ever do it for me and I want your shades boo. Can I have them?! With you attach of to them of course. The shades mean NOTHING if you are don’t come with them.

Ugh, love him so much. His lips here are killing me and not softly either. They are kinda pouty and it’s working for me. UGGGGGHHHHHH! Why wouldn’t you let me make out with your face? (Stop giving me the Sads dude, so not cool) His ears, for the love of GAWD, ear fetish flaring up. STOP FUCKING LOOKING AT IT. But it’s so cute tho. Then there his scruff. Lawd Alexander Skarsgård I demand an invitation to your bed, life , face etc etc…stop giving me the FUCKING SADS. Be mine or I must move on cause tis shit is not fucking healthy. The Thirst I have it pretty bad for him.

Where are your thoughts min kärlek? I know where mines are.

he really does it for me (yes I already said that but it is so true) and it’s not cool that he is physical not here or me there for me to show him, how much he does do it for me. Oh gosh would I ever show him, how much, he does.

he should just let me have my way with him.

PS still miss his face, looking at  these pics but it gives me the SADS. Plane ticket and instructions to your dwellings would be very much appreciated DR Skarsgård. Sort it out.

 Aww smile. He is really sweet isn’t he?! Yes he is . Be sweet with me boo boo kitty, why don’t you. Adore him so much.

 LOVE HIM SO MUCH. THO. SO MUCH.(I can’t help it it just beams out of my mouth through my fingers via keyboard and on screen, still don’t regret saying it so there is that) UGGGH BUT TIS IS GIVING ME THE SADS. THE NOT HAVING HIM, HERE AND NOW AND BEING MINE AND ALL THAT WONDERFUL GLORIOUS STUFF.

He needs to come see me or get me to see him. Some Jill Scott to make it worst


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