Another day, another gold and another world record not a bad way to go out.

Yeah, I am happy as a motherfuck. Good job, great job they are the best. Jamaica all the way. I bet when they get home that island partay that will happen will be the Shit fo sure.

So the Olympics is over Sadness, I love it tho. It had a lot of heart and there was a lot of unity. Great games, great olympians. EVERY OLYMPIAN  IS A WINNER IN MY BOOK. Medals are great but participation is much better. Awesome summer. As for the closing ceremony what a hot mess. Bless England tho, they did their best. Gold star for efforts.

Now back to it shall we. I said in the beginning I am bringing him and a lot of poor, smaller countries and a lot of smaller, poorer countries won yayyy for them. HELL FUCKING YEAH FOR BOLT AND JAMAICANS.


As for the rest of this and that mess.

 to the left with that mess tho.

Legends in their home countries and all over. Suck on them lemon, squeeze down at that lime.

Tis is the best bit tho. This lady is Married at least the ring on her finger says so. Lets hope she is in the process of a divorce. Forget Gatorade the thirst in her is bad. She wants of that Lightening punch.

 she has him leg lock.

Ain’t gonna lie tho, pretty much how I see me on Alexander Skarsgård.


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