Happy Dance you knew it was coming right. Greatest in 3.

 Just like in life, you stand there and you own your spot.

 look at haters and tell them you are more than ready. Take it on. Bring it bitches.

Smile/ grin at them bitches after you own them and make them eat their bitter words.

So Bolt, Blake and Weir more than did it last night and yeah it was great and they did their country more than proud. I said in the beginning of this I want Bolt to devastate lives and own souls and make people cry and it seems he did it also to normal people. With success comes great Hate know tis and hold on tightly. Doesn’t matter how good or humble you do it some fool be making a point to HATE on you.  If you want to be great and admire know that their is always so fool looking to hate your ass just because they can’t do or bring what you do.

People hating on Bolt now. (well not just now but it obivious) Tis Kid when into London with everyone waiting for him to fall on his face and laugh at him. But he didn’t give them that. You never do, EVER! Always make them always suck on sour lemons while you own their bitter souls and let them cry in their cereals. YES IT’S 100M AND 200 M  He OWNED it TWICE  in all the years of Olympics how many have done that. He OWN HIS HEAT. HIS HEAT NOT SOMEONE ESLE. Sitting their with your lazy asses and ice cream and cookie judging tis Kid.

Bolt has been breaking records since he was fucking 14 years old. So he didn’t just wake up and did tis he has been doing tis. No he is not curing AIDS or CANCER that is not his field. We all can’t be doctors without borders. We are here to do what we are here to do and his is to sprint. He did that. So SHUT THE FUCK UP and just watch his presence he may not be LEGEND TO YOU BUT IN HIS COUNTRY HE MORE THAN THAT. So suck on your hate and bitterness while you sit and judge and point finger while tis dude just run pass you while his entire countrymen NOT only in Jamaica but the WORLD will cheer him on.

PS Don’t create hate between Bolt and Blake either. They are GREAT friends and they respect each other. Stop with the black on black crime. Black people can get along just fine even when they are fighting for the same thing.



Personally I don’t care if people love me or hate me. Either love me or leave me the fuck alone.  Or just stay their and be sour don’t stop me either ways.



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