So Señor Skarsgård is making a lot of MULA!!! See, he can afford new pants. He’s just waiting for me to give some the True death is all.

 Which it totally is of course. I surmise that he has been getting Mula since his quote on quote fuck you money S3. S4. He is one of the leads and a VERY popular one I might add.  But they should pay him much more! But I am being bias here, I only watch tis/his show for him anyways and on a occasion it squeeze on my devotion for him. Yeah! They should pay him more and I ain’t even kidding here. He can be a TV diva and demand more. Trust me, HBO wouldn’t want him to go. They would pay. I am sure his people know tis too as well as HBO it’s a hit show and he is one of the major players.  If he is indeed a Tv diva that’s all him but he deserves it tho. He not given into the ego of his own shine, which impresses me very much, he still delivers ERIC NORTHMAN  every season. There are a lot of people on TV and film that get way too much fucking money and they are shit. Anna being a good actress and all still doesn’t bring a draw to the show. She is pretty much on a hate list and for a dumbass reason as her character is fucking annoying and whinny for a better part of 5 seasons. I hope she kills someone again in finale, she needs to balls up or Vagina strength for me to come back on her cruise ship so on that fact alone she is overpaid. As for Stephen funny be it as he is in real life. I haven’t seen much of his work before true blood so I got nothing more than Beehl and Beehl gives me more whip lash each season with  I am  a good guy but I am a Vampire and you ain’t.  I just can’t deal with that shit every fucking season man it gets old fucking fast so yeah dude overpaid too. So fine they’re already getting that so they should give Alex more I mean on a scale of 1-10 Alex is on a 10.

Look around you haters the dude is Usian Bolt without the track and field people want to see him and he is interesting even when he is sitting there picking his nose. The stats speaks for them selves. He is desired But of course people will lose their shit as they do for useless things of course he ain’t the only one on the show. Sure! Point noted. There is Pam which makes it some tolerable, and Lala is Fucking Fabulous again. Please for the love of god stay Fabulous again.  Their is a cast of people. Sure! But Alex does help pull in 3/4 of the audience even when they push the others in your face like the story line. It’s not even about his good looks which in tv always only helps you but it’s how he portrays his character so profoundly makes you care about him and the people around him. He sure as hell made me look at Sookie longer last season and make me listen to the mances of tis one.  If PR really knows who will sell tickets there would NOT be auditions please put that in your pipe be it water or whatever and smoke that shit. Alexander has it. You can’t manufacture Stars they are indeed born some shine later than others.

That’s my 50 cents on the matter, I hope he or his people are decking his ass because as much as tis is the best steady pay check, it surely surpass mine.  It does come with sacrifices and if you have to sacrifice make sure you are getting paid. But don’t sell your soul or start handing out Team cards (shade)  But I can see why he wouldn’t leave just like the rest wouldn’t, they will stay on the ship until it sinks you know what they say about sinking ships make sure you can get to another boat in time before you go down.

And for the love of god man go to Walmart and get you some/ couple yellow sweatpants or some Dockers jeans or some shit just different pants at least 7 new one.  Even a dude on minimum wage have at least 7 different casual pants and I know you get free swag so there is that. So there no reason for tis other than you’re waiting for me to give them the True death which FYI will happen.

But then again who wouldn’t like watching tis face every week on TV or seeing it everyday in real life. I know, I would.

 Yeah! Look at him. Just makes me warm all over.

 You bet your swedish kronor you are.

If anyone has a problem with me saying Alexander Skarsgård should get more MULA. (Which he so should) while avoiding buying new pants (which he should for the love of god man, call me) should try and avenge it.

 try being the word of play here.


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