Billy dee Skarsgård is 22 today. Happy Burday Grattis på födelsedagen.

Got to bring some old school to the youngin

I hope Alexander Skarsgård take him out tis weekend and partay like it’s 1992. If I were there I would take him out and partay like a Rockstar or G star  and let him have beers on Alex’s tap and partay like it’s 2002. Tear up some club in Toronto or Vancouver or summin.

Yeah I am gonna need some brotherly love partying pics to fuel my life further next week. It’s not (always) about me but it would be very nice tho. He is Leo like my little sister, aww sweet.

Awww my lil bro is getting older translation… he is really, really legal today for cougars not that they were waiting for his birth certificate as proof and all. Great, he’s a very good looking young man and seems to very smart and aware and not to mention he is a very good young actor with the selling points that he is tall, attractive and sellable for HW. His career and his path is bright and blinding and he will do very very well and he has great support so there is also that.

Congrats again on just existing okay. He is ruling on all fronts and it’s great to see and watch and I have  big sister pride so many people fueling my life tis week. Christ I have so much joy, I am fucking giddy.

 Christ! He has the eyes,  fuck all the Skarsgård have the piercing eye gaze. He is indeed a very handsome young man. He does look older than 22, I think his presence add to that and he has sweet style and he wears different pants I am sure he has more than 7. Even tho I have not spoken to him I have seen him and he does have this control allure about him. He is much clever than he gives off and sly too. Which I can sit and just admire.

 He seems to be very close with Gurra I can see why tho, since Gurra is in Sweden the most with him. He seems to admire all his older brother tho. Pretty sure they are all close and the admiration goes deep. Great to see a close knit family. Reminds me of my own.

Love them all. Hope they keep that connection they have tight considering how most of their lives are taking them in different directions.

 Christ He looks like Alex to me but with dark hair.  Go on and do your awesome thing semi finalist baby scars. yep def got the Alexander mojo going on there.  look at him  in 2 years he will be making it world wide. I am talking R Patz making it.

Just his Mojo so dope, and I love Kid Cudi

Apparently he likes Hip Hop like Gurra does. We needs to hang and partaay sometimes man. So for semi finalist baby Skars Burday song.


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