Alexander Skarsgård ENCOUNTER ad there is Water, lots of water. MY Vergina.

Christ on a cross without a rope or salvation. THERE IS WATER AND THERE IS ALEXANDER AND WATER. I AM NOT GOING TO MAKE IT!!!!

Christ if he is involved with rain water dripping off him or his face and he is all drench in it. I will die. If he runs in or out of water while looking like tis I would be so dead and reincarnation will not be possible for me.

You know how I feel about hot men and water see Hot water ad.

It’s so hot, it’s on my iPod no shame, no regrets. It’s my soft porn on the go. It pleases me.

If it even on a 1/10 of that hot I WOULDN’T MAKE IT GOD DAMMIT I WOULDN’T. People are gonna miss me.

   My reaction to seeing water under or around him.

 There is drips of water in the background

There is drips of water in the background which could mean there will be drips of water on him.

Lawd, I need a BF like stat. No, shit I ain’t even kidding anymore, maybe I should choose one of those guys that keeps… Or Maybe Alexander Skarsgård could just give himself to me already and be mine so I can spray tis perfume all over his 6′ 4 and something” body  of his and sniff every inch of him to fully appreciate his/tis scent. that’s the only way to truly appreciate perfume.  Yeah that sounds much better. I would spray and sniff every inch of him and then… To be continued or start but never end.

Thanks Alexander sexy motherfucking Skarsgård now I am hot and bothered and may or may not know what to do with myself.

Tis poster will be SO STOLEN, MARK MY WORDS. CK better put it on sale.


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