Hej min förälskelse, Let me console you.

Aww boo boo kitty, your face, miss it so much tho. Yes, yes pics are awesome and greatly appreciated but I still miss your face. He should send me a plane ticket and let me spend some time with him and make him lots of stuff. I would make sure his free time is very well spend.

 Gosh your eyes do me in. Love them, love you. They are intense with a bit of sad here, just want to reach for your face and cup them with my hands and bring them to me and kiss your cheeks and forehead. These makes me miss him more.  Future father of my chirrin right here. Min kärlek.

Tis pic make me want to hug the shit out of you. I want to console you and make it better. You should send me a plane ticket to your where ever you are so I can console you, bake you a pie and other things that will make both of us very happy.

beauatiful scruffy how I love thee let me rub my cheeks upon thy cheeks, Christ his cute fucking ear. it’s so adorable. I love all his bits. I love him. 

 boo boo kitty, you have on different pants and ones that fit. Yaaaaay. Points for efforts. I love you no matter your continued repeat wear. But you need to lay a couple of those pants to rest tho. Give them back to the earth. Bury them.

 and your eyes are so mesmerizing.  over and over again.


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