There was cherry pie, sports and BOLT.


But lets get to the important things about the weekend. I made great pie. I made the best Cherry pie of my life. That right there sounds like the title of I don’t know what kind of book yet. But anyroo, the reasons why it was great, was because the crust was/is great. Jesus it was so good and still is. The best crust I have made.  I’ve made good crust but tis was great and the pie was fucking delicious. There was cherries and blueberries with a few other berries so technically it a berry pie. Well it all started out with me having some fresh cherries in my fridge and wonder what’s was I going to do with it. (for some reason that sentence so kinda naughty, anyroo)Then I bought some fresh blueberries cause they too looked great and then I wonder what I was going to do with them and the only answer was pie and what’s better than pie and sport. I knew I needed celebratory pie for BOLT.

But before the pie, I had my weekend plan. Watch the Olympics, that’s it great plan no?! I fucking love Track, man both the men and women Heat. Love the men track more for obvious reasons of course. Christ the most primal sport of it all. So many man Beast in tis so much raw energy being burned out in front of your eyes in less than 10 SECONDS.

So Staurday was the start, I had to take someone to the airport, there was no sport watching conflicting, so I did it and hurried back home and watch like an addict, some one called missed it didn’t know who it was not so important then I saw text was from my bff  it was from Thursday. Christ sometimes I put shit on pause and forget to unpause it. So anyways there was a question needing answering like going to tis concert next  tis weekend but I had other plans,  fuck it was something I wanted to see too. So I called talked about that,  made arrangement for something else next thing you know we are watching the Olympics together via our phones which then went to Skype and that was some of my Saturday Gossips and sports and drinks and checking out the track dudes in their track suits. Important things in life.

While watching the men qualifying  and my friend noticed  Bailey I noticed Baliey. You can not not notice Baliey and how fine he is. (he is indeed fine) then she  googled him. Found out he was 23.  I was like.. really tho! He looks older than that, sometimes you just need to see birth certificate cause damn. Said My Bff then realized that she had a B-day party with her BF to go to and she needed to buy gifts. She was really excited to go. (NOT) lol she was so excited. (NOT)  she went on to her Saturday and I with mine which was more sports and Track.

Christ the women Track was intense has shit too. God it was Awesome but Shelly – Ann was fucking awesome to watch she looks so none threatening but she is a threat. One that has the best smile but when she runs, she goes after souls and she crushes dreams. My type of woman.

look at her. She’s so fucking cute and pretty.

Gold medalist Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce of Jamaica , Silver medalist Carmelita Jeter of the United States and bronze medalist Veronica Campbell-Brown of Jamaica pose with their medals .

 Jeter is a beast of a woman. God she was great too tho, she is much more power than endurance tho.

 Shelly Ann tho, she made my night and my life .

 Look at all these gorgeous fucking Athletic women go after it. No tis gets respect and admiration. Fuck they made my night. They all were fucking styling too with the hair and makeup. We are still women after all. Sports are no sports we always have to shine.

 But you know who devastated life and crushed dreams and OWN SOUL. SERENA FUCKING WILLIAMS. Christ the Woman is fucking Awesome then she danced on her grave on live TV. I don’t know why people even turn up. I would call in sick. Her shit is insane.

 Christ tis was so fucking awesome. I was like suck on that, now go home and cry.

All in all the women on Saturday did not disappoint.

Shelly – Ann 



Strong Black women right there. Who OWN THEIR HEATS.
Christ then Sunday got better cause that when I made the pie to die for and then there was BOLT. But that’s an entire another post but before that I watch weightlifting. Christ I got emotional and shit. There I was with my pie watching Maryam Usman and others lift weight heavier than I am, getting emotional and cheering at my TV. you can do it, then they didn’t and they got emotional then I got emotional then I had pie and I was like you are winner, no matter what man. OMG I fail at life so hard.

Here is Maryam Usman winning at Life.
 She is 21 years old and Nigerian I fail at life so hard. I was like Maryam. Winner , don’t cry, don’t go. Winner.
Then she went and she was SAD and I had the Sads then I had more pie cause that’s what you do when you got pie and you’re sad you eat it.
Then there was Jang Mi Ran from South Korea. I think I love her the most, she was in such control, calm and center. Then she broke down. Then I weeps I had major Sads.
 She was great and I kept saying you can do it. You can
 Okay I wept . I was like don’t go Jang Mi Ran OMG her name is Awesome no?! I lost Maryam and now Jang but I still had pie so I ate some.
But Armenian Hripsime Khurshudyan won Bronze and she was great too and so adorable, there are no losers in tis sport. Just me. I fail at life so hard. I mean these women are exceptional.
The winner of the day tho was China’s Zhou Lulu .
I fail at life so hard but I have pie so I ate it and felt better about my self.
Then for the better part of the day I did the house stuff called people ad waited for Bolt which seems forever.

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