Supreme Being. Usain Bolt translation Insane Lighting. LEGEND

You know what  I am going to say. Right?! I am gonna say it anyways.  BOLT IS A THE MOTHERFUCKING BEST. LEGEND. 

He is a supreme being, He fuels my life. Did you see him jog in the semi finals? Christ on a cross I am addicted to his shit so much. He fuels my life. But the race was intense as a motherfuck tho. IN. FUCKING. TENSE. Did you see the men wanting it so bad. Fuck blood in a shark tank. Last night 100 m Heat. I’ve never seen so much hunger and drive in a heat in a while and it was INTENSE  I think I pull a kidney or something.

DEVASTATED DREAMS yeah he did it like that. OWN LIVES.

Then my two favorite new brothers from another mother and father. Bolt and Blake the new essence to my life. Christ I love them so much and I love that they are devastating lives and making Grown ass men cry in their lockers.

They give me so much fuel. I will now live the entire week solely off their victories. It will keep me alive.

Love them so fucking much.

tis wise man always speak truth.

BOLT!! Fuels my life.

 Amerika did great too.

 Gatlin looks like he gonna die tho or pass out.

But it’s Bolt. Blake is great second but it’s Always BOLT. His Name speaks for it’s self man it is  chosen by destiny to OWN lives and devastated dreams and be phenomenal.

Supreme being shows respect = beautiful human and great guy.

Oh my Bolt.


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