So many Tumblr pervs online part Deux starring Alexander Sexgård.

Yes, sometimes they make things that pleases me and I will give it attention.

 Christ tis is so fucking disturbingly sexy as fuck.

Ugh his penetrating eyes glaze. My fucking Loins. I gonna need so much more fucking cherry pie today so much.

Fuck me  (please do) it just gets more perverse but it’s hawt tho. My kinky perv is flaring the fuck up.

 eyes, love them.

 his face tho, lead role in my dreams.

i didn’t make them but I will post them. (okay some of them) Part Deux.

 He rules at his acting. It’s superb. He is the fucking shit in my book. He is master of his acting boat and sailor in his conveying of emotions. Unrefined love for it. More I want more.


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