I would/will have sooooooooo much sex with you. Alexander Skarsgård GQ UK

Yeah, I would, so much sex, so many ways, so many positions, on a religious basis and in tongues. Just like all the time.  Look at him, Christ on a cross,  just calling to my Loins. Gawd he is beautiful and hawt as fuck. I needs you to be mine that’s all and practice the art of procreation among other things.

    As for that list of women he has worked with but I like Lara Stone, she is a model, so no shade there. But as for the rest   God he always look fucking fantastic on these GQ spread. That because he is a GQ motherfucker. On doing the Encounter campaign: This is my first big campaign, so I’m really excited.  It’s a cool brand and one I was excited to work with.  I’ve had some opportunities before now — I shot Hickey Freeman with Annie Leibovitz — but everything felt right about this one.  Calvin Klein has never used an actor as the face of its men’s fragrance before, and it’s an honour to be the first. (you’re the first actor for CK ad, sometimes you learn informative shit on the interweb. Congrats boo boo kitty, I am so proud of you) Steven Klein is an amazing photographer, and I thought the concept was really cool.  It felt like something from the German expressionist movement.  We shot a two-minute short film, so it felt more like making a movie.  I’ve worked with [model] Lara Stone before and it was great to work with her again.  We had a blast, and I got to be an actor not a model. On whether he’s conscious of being typecast as a sex symbol: Absolutely not, and that might sound odd when I’ve just done the Encounter campaign.  But in terms of finding characters and movies, it’s important to me to findreal characters that have some depth.  All the movies I did last year — Disconnect,What Maisie KnewThe East — there are definitely no pretty boys in there. One character I played was a little overweight, had glasses and grey hair.  One guy had a beard, long hair and never showered. (okay I know it’s a movie and all but the never shower bit, okay, hell naw. That’s nasty) That’s not why I choose roles, obviously, but when I read a script and I connect or don’t connect with a part, I would never let that stand in the way.  What’s the incentive to play someone who’s just good looking?  I mean, how much fun is that?  It’s none at all.  You want that transformation, you want to go there; if you’re not willing to go there, then you’re not doing the character justice. Aww he’s still got pretty boy issues.You are handsome man, I suspect you will always be,  there are worst crosses to bare. But okay baby boo you’re still working through that. Still seems like you are sorting it out. Okay!  To me you are more than just your face there is a combination of flaws and prefect and human feels amongst your craft of course. But it’s always good to have choices right?! When there are choices there is no labeling.   On who’s on his bucket list for female co-stars: I’d love to work with Isabelle Huppert and Meryl Streep.  Meryl is an amazing actress and she’s great to work with. But I’ve been very lucky because I’ve got to work with some phenomenal actresses. On what British men can learn from Swedish style: I like British style.  To me, especially in California, there’s a lot going on in terms of fashion.  It’s like more is more.  Swedish style, in general, is minimalistic and clean. I like that, and that’s my style. ( I like your style, some of it. You could add some color in your life tho, you look great with some color in your lifeOMG jizzing. Tis gives me life, I love those sneaks too, bring back the sneaks. You got sweet style, when you’re not fighting it.  I am not your lady on paper (yet) so I guess I have to deal (for now).  But I  can’t stand your saggy pants it does nothing for your ass, and for the love of gawd.  You can be comfortable by not wearing the same pants for months on end. I know you have money. So you can afford new ones and I know you get free swag too. So you can change your pants at least for me, so come on. Stop bullshitting me and your ass. )But I can’t say that I’m going to tell somebody else what’s right and what’s wrong because that’s what’s great about fashion — that it is personal. You can’t go wrong with whatever you feel comfortable and feel fucking awesome in.

Still love the shit out of you tho, and you’re doing Great with the being in control of your path and all. Now if you kindly and sensual  just make your way in/ towards my direction it would be very much appreciated Alexander Skarsgård. K. Tack så mycket


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