Tis gif my feelings about TB season 5

Maybe you noticed, maybe not, but I have not spoken about TB for a couple of episodes now because really I don’t have much good to say about it other that Alexander’s acting is superb and he needs to get out and showcase in other films.  As for what’s going on in these episodes.

no seriously tho, wtf is tis all about.  As for the The Authority seriously.

Beehl being Beehl but they want me to think that he is better than Beehl. Than in the end Beehl is Beehl really but they gonna blame it on a drop of maybe fae blood. 

Okay okay seriously couldn’t someone warn a motherfucker that Alcide Ugh was going to Ugh, what ever you call that Sunday cause my feels was.  and Joe in Magic Mike  Magic Mike on a whole Channing Tatum dances moves or striper move dance  it was HAWT. Me and my friend was like Daaaaaammmmmmmmmnnnnn Motherfucker Damn.

Anyways The writers you really need to stop with tis shit tho. I can’t with tis mess. Because for one. Why is Beehl the only one getting FUCKING FLASHBACKS about who “he is” and why are they so fucking lame he is like the Fucking Female Sookie be weeping all the time. I a sorry I am Vampire. I love you too much but I am a vampire. I didn’t choose tis but I am a Vampire. God damn motherfucker doesn’t matter how many century you flash the message is I am a vampire and you not. So just deal with it even tho I am pretending to not be but actually I live for tis shit.

Point and case how the fuck do they want me to feel the love between any of Eric mances I mean the Brommance okay maybe, too fast, too soon tho, I just don’t feel it so much  man. Then there is the  sis, you my sister. We had sexy then you in danger gurl and you my hero for “saving us” then you bat crazy biblical bitch but my vamp daddy wants me to save your  blood, essence, what?!

First of All why don’t I get more Vamp flashback (the show is called TB based on mostly Vamps, who are old and have HISTORY why am I not seeing the History) is it the money? It can’t be the money, TB has money and is making money. Do the writers have no idea which direction they are going with tis. (I say yes) You’re going to introduce a new character to an old character who suppose to play an important part in his life and tis season and all I know about her is She bangs Eric in a container in the first 15 minutes of meeting each other then she spends the better part of 5-6 episode chanting crazy shit to some chick that’s their survivor. Lawd! I mean could they not flash back while she was in there praying (rocking back and forth without a straight jacket) to her God would’ve that have been a good time to give me more insight other than tis bitch biblical crazy. I just  CAN NOT NOR WILL NOT CARE ABOUT IT. We just found out via Eric that she 600 year old or something.

 It takes getting high then a shower for me to find out tis. I can’t feel tis bond that they suddenly throw in my face just like I can’t feel the Bromance Okay I feel the Bromance more because I know more about Beehl and I a vampire and I don’t really want to be flashbacks of him and Sookie is mine statements. Christ on a cross without a rope.

There is no string to their connect to the dots that’s suppose to be their love for each other, that is important for him to save her life. I say  kill all the fucking Authority members the whole plot is Ugh.. True death to them all 

As for Sookie being dumb again. Gurl you’re going to give try and use up your powers like that and why?!  When you live in a neighborhood where all Sups are draw to for no god damn reason other than it’s not TV it’s HBO. You stupid and as for that Vamp/Fae maybe thing I say it’s none of the regulars it a new introduction to the New problem for season 6. Christ. Here we go again with the hype for OMG it’s going to be awesome but really it’s NOT.

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