All of the awards for his Face, No seriously it’s superb. That’s acting at his finest right here.

I love his face I’ve made many posts about his face. It fucks with my concentration but get delights in looking at it. But where it shines the most and brightly is when he acts. Christ, I am going to piss in TB soup right now but they are wasting your face and limiting your shine. Move on to better things I say. Films, films make more god damn films and do some drama bring that back to the big screen.

His Face, congrats on your face. I have said many times that I only watch TB because of Alex tis is very much True. It didn’t start out  that way, but he shines in every episode he gets better with every take. I am weeping sometimes knowing tis is where most of his face/acting goes (even tho TB could be a fucking awesome show) TB it needs to be seen in other films and screens or shows. Showcase that shit.

every episode it is like they are drowning me with shit I don’t care about and worst like they don’t want me to care then I am like fuck tis shitI am getting out but then Eric fucking Northman keeps pulling me back in

Point and case

 he knows how to break hearts doesn’t he?!tis is really a beautiful shot

Oh rant on again anyone else notices that, that vile still has the same amount of blood in there. how is it possible when 8/9 Vampire drank from it. Even if it was a drop it should be less. Yeah  TB As for the Nora comment

 his fangs tho with I am gonna fuck you up eyes.



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