Lawd these TwiTwat will forever live in the Matrix. Batshit crazy fandoms. Keep the delusions alive.

They need to unplug

No seriously are they on a diet of blue pills because the only blue pill you should take is viagra and that’s for dudes who just can’t without. No one should be denied sexy time.

Christ on a cross tho, I would say seek Jesus but I don’t want to put Jesus through that. Gawd when did we lose a grip? No really when?! Was it in the   90’s I blame the internet. It’s a evil place. Get your holy water and your cross cause there some crazy shit online and most of them have Youtube account. Don’t think that most of these fools are in their teens either, some of them are (still no excuse for this madness) Some of them are in the 20’s and late 20’s some 30’s and late 100 still no fucking reason to be tis lost in it. I read some calling it quits. really tho for tis shit. Christ on a cross without a rope tis madness. I will never type Robsten in any search engine again. My soul makes me wanted to hurt myself violently reading some of tis mess especially my eyes. Can’t not be unseen or unread.

But there is always a silver lining tis girl or guy OMG I may have wet myself (a little) hahaha my life.

I was hoping to come back to some great news like all Twi shit has been burned and erased and taken out of civilization but no such luck these fools are off being CSI dumbassing on pics. You would think this chick was kidnapped and lock up in some dungeon somewhere force to watch good movies with real actors. But no they wouldn’t even do the sensible thing (I KNOW right sensible and Twitwats doesn’t sound right huh)and get mad and destroy the evidence and hide KS in a cave for maybe 5-10 years. Just saying i could do without, her and the movies/books. Oh Take aways Meyers notebook and tape her fingers. Make it stop. Please make it all stop.

I might not like Bore’s acting but he seems like a good, nice dude with more boreness one human being should bear but still,  spoil brat is just all about herself from day one, so no tears there ( no one can tell me otherwise, self involved and disconnected). Move on dude and find someone better. As for the wife why have there been nothing of her bags pack and off to her mamas or something with the kids. I hope she don’t stay with that fool because through all of tis.  His shit is nasty and he is vile and should be treated like a virus. HE could go on the island or cave with conflicted face wouldn’t miss either one,it takes too to tango and two to eat meat pies Just saying both are too and piles of scum and both should get blame Okay he should get more blame cause he when home with other woman stank to his wives and kids. That’s nasty.

Anyroo, Life goes on, I wish tho that people would put their energies into better things and get upset about shit that matter like starving children, homeless people, teens. Sick an weak people who keep getting denied justice bla bla etc etc but of course that is not serious enough and should get your care and attention let put it on a 22 year old brat who is too spoil to appreciate her good fortunate. If someone says she is young and shit I will find you and hurt you. (I will) Being young don’t give you an excuse to fuck and cheat with a married man not when there are many single ones out there to choose from. Caring about one self and fucking over the feelings of others should not be taken lightly.

I seriously need Morpheus to offer up the red pill because their rabbit hole are fucking short.

But instead they see tis.

I am just going to leave tis right here. Y’all need some guidance. A quote that famous in my family. You need Jesus


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