I am bringing Bolt mostly through all of tis that’s 2012 Olympic

But no seriously how many of you are seriously embarassed that you had no ideas about some of these countries. Lawd I didn’t even know that was a country how many of you are glad there is an Olympic opening ceremony so you can have a conversation piece for when you go out and brush up on your geography . I was like say who now. Christ I had to google a few. I ain’t even ashamed.

There is so much man swagging and short shorts and fancy gowns and pimping outfits. Swag on. Swag on.   Alright Fuji that dudes outfit or lack there of

The Queen tho she just wasn’t haven’t it.  haha and tis is why I love tumblr sometimes. I like the ceremony I thought it was heart fell and very British. aI love the music segment. Makes me weeps for what we have now. Real music die in the 1990’s really.

tis some scary shit.

How many sat there like tis. I know I was 

Haha the Swedes tho, your outfits, very summerish. Even tho I am not from Haiti I am bringing Haiti too, they need some sunshine and rays of hope in their lives and Country.

But back to the title of my post. I am watching and I am rooting for a lot of people but Lawd I want Bolt to rule the world, Own people and destroy souls and break records and crush dreams. Bolt all the way man.

I am bringing Jamaica also so hard. Own souls and destroy dreams and break records.

As a matter of facts I am bringing a lot of poor countries. I hope they rule and dominate the rich ones.

I support a lot of Countries tis year why the hell not. But my Countries were stylin

I be watching the Olympics tis year that’s for sure.

Usain Bolt All the motherfucking medals just give it to him. He is coming for it. OWN SOULS, Crash dreams. Devastate lives.

Tis motherfucker fast tho, you blink you miss him.

on a last note wtf is Britain wearing. Lawd tis is when gold should be used under supervision and a stylist.

Good luck to all Countries tho, may the best men and women win.


his voice is amazing tho. He is super cute too.


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