Where is my Scandinavian Swedish Viking hunk Alexander Skarsgård min kärlek aka Boo boo kitty where are you? I miss your face.

Alexander! Alexander Skarsgård Where are you min kärlek, mah boo. My sun on a clear blue sky day. 

 still not walking in towards my direction huh Alexander ummm…

I would follow him…

 make your way to me Boo make your way to me.

 Very Handsome man. He needs to be mine all week and on the weekends too.

 Tis is the face I make when i turn around and you’re NOT there. Sadness. Stop making me sad dude.

 Hej min förälskelse

 the most beautiful smile. I love tis  human being very much too.

 Your eyes, oh they speak to me so.

Gawd your lips too.

 Tis is a very beautiful Pic it has all the essential Askars.

His eyes are OMG, his lips are sweet jesus and his hands are For the love of GAWD. I love you. No truly I do.

 after that pic tis represents my frustration. Why Alexander for the love of all things wouldn’t you give yourself to me. GOD DAMMITT.

i love you, yes I do, you sexy beast of a man.

 haha tis is all kinds of win. Oh my Askars teeth fetish is flaring up again. Ugh my life. But a lot of things has become very clear on my last trip to Sweden. A lot. A lot of connections made, lets see how tis plays out now shall we. Your move Alexander, your move. Make one.

So last week tis song was in my head then I constant replay it on my iPod.  How ever.. I will always love you…



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