So if Alexander was to be a Comic hero I would say Flash Gordon would be it.

So like I have said many times, I have read almost all comic books. My brothers were fans and one of the comics that I have read were Flash Gordon that’s where my brother would hide his porn stash he didn’t know I knew they were there. Don’t get me started on the penthouse stories that I have read. Lets just say they were very entertaining to a small kid. Haha, good sexy times.

Anyways so I notice that they are making a lot of comic books films and we need some new ones, so I say Flash Gordon it could do 2012 reboot update anyways and the effects are up to par now so they could make something really cool.

The last movie was in 1980 I think it is about time they remake it. Give us something else instead of Fucking Spiderman and Superman/ Batman. The effects was shit for that reason a lot they should reboot and upgrade it and make it awesome.

See trailer of how unawesome it was.

But they should def use the queen OST again I mean it’s queen and we know how Alexander feels about Queen.

Alexander career is doing well but of course it can always do better, I spoke to some of his family member and they are very proud of him  and happy for his success and you know what I am more than proud of him and Happy for is success. I couldn’t  be more proud and Happy for him.

I would like to see tis made and him as the Lead Flash Gordon Saviour of the Universe.

 he should play a super hero he not only has the body for it but also the presences.

So I am putting that out there with the force of the SUN.

Where is my boo boo kitty anyways. I miss his face.


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