So my heart’s desire, mi amor, min kärlek is in Sweden. Stay there, wait there. I am coming.

Yeah okay, not there where these fan pics say you are but drift down back to Södermalm you got a couple of days and while you are at it go sit on your stoop and wait for me I’ll just place my tush next to your tush and turn and smile and say Hiya! Want to lick my ice cream? (I am very generous person, but come on people mind out of gutter, I would indeed have an ice cream for him to lick hello then he could…)

Good to see as well that he has got sometime before I get there to get in touch and reconnect with his people before I get there because I am indeed planning on taking up a lot of his personal time and invade space. A lot of face/body time.

 I see he has on better fitting pants, good job there boo boo appreciating the ass in his home country. Points.  Hey Fares, Fares is in it one of my favorite BFForever. I loved him in Safe House. He kinda scared me a little. He wanted to fuck shit up badly like a boss too.  But he was really good in it tho. I wouldn’t piss him off tho if I was you. It could not end well  for your face even tho in real like he looks like a teddy bear. Kinda like Alexander, you know quite and nice but don’t piss them off you mind loose your head or get bitch slap like a prison bitch. I kinda like my face on my body thanks. But doesn’t mean that I am scared of them. I could take them I know how to cut down tall trees.

 Alexander in party mode. Dude without me. The  fuck. It’s cool he can make it up to me in other ways. Looking forward to other ways of making up to me Alexander. I have a list, it not long at all.  I hope he got some rest at is moms place cause….

 That’s a lot of dudes in a pic. They all look so serious tho  except for that dude that’s sitting down with the dude on his tee, he looks like he’s licking his tongues. He must be thinking about cake. I get that look when I think of cake too. Umm cake and of course when I think of Alexander Skarsgård.

Oh hey Fares, Fares again, you know he is Alexander Summer, Winter, Spring, NYC, LA, Beach trip hanging buddy. Okay it’s his best bud and they probably have some swedish blood  bond or something,  you know he knows his secrets and what not and you know he’s a party beast too, yeah two peas in a pod those two see that dude has that looks again, It def all about cake for him or is it?

She is cute, is she relations of his, I am not saying that because she is Swedish and blonde and what not.  So tis is from today? Okay now and tis is not Stockholm well then make you way down Söder,  min kärlek I am on my way. (okay I still have to pack and wrap presents that I bought and etc etc.. but I am on my way)I spend the week hanging with my essential and people I wouldn’t be seeing for a while it’s official Summer break for some today. My niece has her summer planned out to the last minute she has a very active social life ya know aww the wonder years. I am not jelly I will def sees her goings on FB whether I want to or not and I will tease her about most of it whether she likes it or not.  I spend my time and still spending time with essentials I wouldn’t be seeing for a while and my Sexy Summer Flow is switch on, now for various things there are various on that will be switch but it is switch on none the less. I am ready for sexy summer flow to flow. Oh yeah. Preferably with/on Alexander Skarsgard. I am putting that out there with the power of the Sun. Do you hear me Alexander? I am putting it out there, pick it up and stroll/swag around  Söder, or preferably on your stoop awaiting my arrival. What,  that’s the  best summer everrrra. 

 hello beautiful smile from beautiful human being tis would be a nice hey, a smile that would encourage me to rub my face on his face, cause lawd I see a beard. It’s growing out. Good to know I can ask him if I can touch it. The beard the other one would pretty much be touch, so yeah. But no, I would ask then rub my right cheek on his face then brush close to his lips and …..

Jesus he is looking good tho and Sexy and you know I love my Alexander Sexy and sweet and that he is. You better be there next week dude, cause you just have to. Do you hear me, you receiving my feed.

you better not lie to me Alexander  cause I hope to wesus it does, and preferably in your apartment, rug, couch, bed…shower…

I’m  just going to leave these right here.

Tis is pretty much my mind set, while I am listening to tis on my iPod. In the words of the great poet Marvin Gaye. Lets get it on. Alexander Skarsgård

I would appreciate some new pics next week of you doing your thing  just as an heads up that you’re still there, so  I would’t be roaming for nuttin.


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