I am still going to throw a rock at his window and sit on his stoop while eating ice cream.

So he is going to Con, cool beans changes nothing, he could still fly to Sweden be there around the 11th, grab a beer/lunch in Soder, me run into him (accidentally of course) while he going back to his apartment or while he is having lunch and then do it like they do it on the Discovery Channel . (get horny now) then he can fly to  San Diego with me in his luggage. (That’s not going to be comfortable he travels really light, but tis is of course is only if he doesn’t invite me along meaning a seat next to him IN the plane) then fly back to Sweden and continue where we left off.

Translation:Getting wild. (not saying it wouldn’t be continuing the whole time anyways, I am pretty much on switch on mode) So yeah it could happen. I am putting it out there. Do you hear me Skarsgård it’s put out there pick it up.

I am there anyways, so lets see how it plays out. The first paragraph would be gold. Tack! Hey Katie broke free, so yeah anything is possible. Here’s to good sexy times for everyone including Katie.



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