OMG Chris Hemsworth, tis so sweet

Ok, like listen I love babies and I am always around kids. I get along very well with them.  But when I am around babies I become one of those people. like OMG look at that precious baby. It much more extra when it’s friends and relatives children that blood bond makes me very females and die a little. I do the whole baby talk and all that and sing. I remember not so long ago with one of my niece after she was born I helped my sister out and night watch. She was one of those don’t sleepers. My sister was a train wreck. So at night after feeding I would take her around and sing and talk and dance with her, she loved to be held and she would only fall asleep in your arms and you would have to wait a while and make sure she was really asleep if  she would wake up and you would have to start all over again. She was a tricky one too, when I thought it was safe to lay her down she would look up at me with a side eye like hey, I am not asleep okay. Baby side eye that shit is amazing I can’t hate on it. But I LOVE and when I say LOVE . I do love to see a man partake in his child upbringing I love to see a man be a father and a good one and a good looking man with baby. Let me die.

I like Chris I think he is a cool, nice dude and he seems really sweet and I am happy he has a nice family good for him. Anyways I am just going to post these cause they are so precious and cute and  I might die. Might! But it’s the sweetest thing I have seen in a while.

My clock is not ticking I can wait for my turn,  but yes there is a trigger in me when I see a baby, they are so tiny and sweet and cute as hell. Awww, too cute.

OMG how sweet is tis, so sweet and precious awww, dying a bit. 

 I still don’t know anything about his wife, don’t plan to look it up but he seems genuinely happy with her and her with him and they have a child together so I wish them the best of luck and happiness. 

My friend follows him so I am get intel every now and then  I only care about him and his baby, I think it so sweet. I still love how he is so young and he choose the family and kids route I give him points for that. There are a lot of women that want some of that, my friend included but he decided to give it to her. Choices we all have to make them, just make one that makes you truly happy.


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