Don’t drink the Kool aid man, instead catch up on some history. Viking History.

Just don’t man, the problem with Kool aid is if you put too much water in it. it tastes like shit. Anyways, other things on my mind, don’t have time to put stock in weak soups.  I came across these in one of my folder old viking pics of Alexander from the Godric making scene. I have also been reading A history of the Vikings for various reasons. I always like Scandinavian history and going to Norway and it’s landscapes kinda solidified my interest in The Scandinavians and their history along with the Viking intel that I picked up. Then in Sweden I went to Uppsala and apparently Medieval Scandinavians held Gamla Uppsala as one of the oldest and most important locations in Scandinavia. It’s interesting stuff and there is also the burial mounds of Viking Kings was also cool to see and read about and  I got pics of it but tis one is from the inter web. I didn’t viking peak my interest on the Danish, I have however read about them and their past/connection with the Norse and the Swedes. Anyways here is the mound.

If you ever have a chance you should go to Uppsala and you should walk there to the viking museum, it’s a very beautiful walk totally different feel from Stockholm almost other worldly feel, you could easy forget that you are in Sweden. I will rent a car one day and drive intensity through all 3 countries and take loads of pics and etc, etc that will take many days, weeks.

Anyways here is Alexander/Eric being a viking. he should be in a viking movie at least once in his life. He has viking blood so he should play once maybe I will come up with a script for him sell it to Universal and get him attach as lead.

We don’t get enough of tis on TB, which is Bullshit, there should be more of tis on TB.

Scandinavian just like any other culture is steep in folklores, magic, gods and  Myths etc. Interseting no. So many similarity yet so much divisions.

Anyways I found tis song and liked it so I shall pass it on.


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