Another day another load of…. I am entertain and amused yet again.

Dude, you must be exhausted. I know I am reading all this Bull, one day your Bi next day you got a model (so obvious by the way, why not a nurse or gynecologist, switch it up a bit) You know life is what it is. You pick the sense from the nonsense. I do however go by my gut on a lot of things and so far it has served me well. It’s his life and I am just viewing it and on occasions I post my luster/love. I could go on and on and on about what I think about all of it. But I will keep that to myself. I will however say by going off of what he has said recently that he is single and waiting for me (okay I added that part, what. my blog, do what I want to do) Life too short for living lies, life is way too fucking short for believing/reading it too.

Either ways my post made shorter I have said that I have nothing but love for Alexander and that still remains so if he is tossing the salad of a model or the as the jungle fever with Ewell good for him (high fives all round)  if he is having both better for him.(high fives and hand shakes wish everyone the best) He is being the swedish Marvin Gaye he trying to get along with everybody. I personally believe tho that he does indeed wants to be loved by everyone (as he himself as stated) but who he is in love with he is very particular which is done in singular unit. One. So NO I DO NOT  THINK HE IS GAY/BI/ I HAVE MET HIM I DON’T GET THAT VIBE  FROM HIM(Yes I have super powers and they consist of tell who is gay and straight my other powers include sensing assholes I am very good at that too) OR DATING THAT MODEL. BUT HE DOES EXUDE SEXUAL ENERGY. But why mess with  the PR machine. (it has worked so well for John and Johnny and Britney and the lines and names of others are very long) but oh he does like to hug people, dudes especially and he seems really friendly genuinely nice and warm towards people but of course that means wait for it he must be…. 

So point, he said in a Swedish interview SUNDAY that he is single and waiting for me (yes that did happen again, my blog dos what I want) So in saying that when I see him in Soder (me sitting on his stoop eating Ice cream) I am asking myself upstair to make him my favorite cocktails. Oh yeah. So unless he parades around with a girl on his hand Or another take me home Chateau Marmont video he is fair game and I am still playing. I got nothing but love for the dude wish him nothing but the best in every corners of his life. If it me. Super, if not. Super life goes on. We will see how July goes. Wouldn’t we.

He is so adorable and sweet

 love tis man. that is all plus more

Oh congrats to Anna on her double mint twins. Wish her a c section or a one push birth if that’s how she is going, a great recovery and healthy babies. Two times the bundle. NOW that is great news. One for Stephen to carry one for her to carry.

I wish everyone the best in everything. But I am going to need some new pics to cleanse tis bad taste of my mouth. Since I not there seeing him is all I got.


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