I liked tis episode it had loads of Eric Northman, the way it suppose to be.

So I can’t hate on last night episode, There was a lot of Northman that makes me very happy. I love Eric Northman K. If I was into shrines. I would build one in his honor and sacrifice lambs in his name just saying. But I ain’t into shrine so I just have to marvel at his excellence on TV.
But in saying that there are still a lot of plot holes in this shows (Eric’s hair was longer dude hello, viking flashback.) and it grates on my nerves they are so obvious how can you not see them WRITERS but as I said last week I just look and drool at Eric Northman fine assets and drink tis drunk punch that is TB.

First Steve is the New Nan. Why am I not surprised by tis. Well she never looked better the years have been good to her and all and her dance moves are saucy.

I said That I would give Teara 3 episodes and you know what I am liking her. Translation. I wouldn’t be fast forwarding her next week.

It was the coolest thing TB has done. It was cool to watch  I love the insight on being a baby vamp. They need more of this on the show.

 then she did tis. Gurl you know you wrong for that. That shit is painful, you should have waited for the sun it  would have been much quicker.

 I concur with the expression and the words.

 well I never had training bras like that. looks painful (that was because I let them bounce free that was training right?! Then They bothered then my mom bought some bras.)

 hahaha the delivery was awesome. I don’t know about guys but one is way too hawt to be goo. I would be very very sad if he ever became goo.  hahahahaha his face tho. Love it. He has the best facial expressions ever.

 hahaha my name is True Death, well hello there.  Silly Billy. I would have staked him tho. Just saying’ one must learn ones place.

 The kiss was sweet, really sweet and kind, so kind but that Twirl I want that in my life. I need a kiss twirl in my life and I want an Alexander Skarsgård kiss twirl in my life July 11 jesus make it happen.

 such an handsome man  do you think if I say that to him I will get the kiss twirl. I would like to get the kiss twirl.  his Period swag is quite dignified  such a sweet kiss. I love it. I love them. Reason 2 why I watch the show. So sweet. Okay I love all tis rom con ish, the female inside me eats it up and ask for more I Love the tender stuff makes life worth living if you ask me and keeps you going too.

 If he was a vamp for real. I would tell him to TAKE IT, TAKE IT GOD DAMMIT to wake up to that face would be divine. Actually I would very much like to wake up to that face I have many extra pillows. I would like him to lay his head on one. His eyes sweet Wesus, his eyes.


I can tell ya right now I am not one of those chicks, you know the one that check your phone messages while you sleep or sniff your neck when you come home and check for bite marks that are not mine. I give you the trust, you broke it or deceive. We’re done and I am def not the kind that cuts her wrist or vines to get a vamp to turn her. But then again she was a 1905 hooker not like she had other career goals or opportunities coming up, so I say force him into it. He didn’t have to but he did but they click that’s why he came back he saw something in her that appealed to him. I  can deal with these Eric feels

 Alexander Skarsgård is very good at conveying human emotions. He is very good at harnessing your sympathy. This can be very dangerous as a viewer for various roles but Outstanding is his performance none the less.

This is the best part of Episode 3 and frankly best part of TB season 5 so far. ERIC/PAM.

OMG ERIC GOT A BEEHL BURN, sorry Northman you kinda set yourself up for that one. You should have known.

well technically Beehl from a female prespective, you were the let’s get it out of the way already first. She had sex with you under the basement next to the rusty pipes bla, bla then she had sex with eric in the bedroom on the bed with silk sheets and blood threats and she wanted to be his friend. She save the best for last and took her time and had the after glow so yeah, semi burn but points for Beehl for trying. I personally would have him for first, second and oh yeah many more times but that’s just me.

The Alcide said summin….NEXT

then Sookie said summin NEXT

Okay Sookie used her powers for once to defend herself and it was cool to see. You got powers man use it. Someone pisses you off you use that shit, even tho it was Pam. Sorry babe I would toast your ass or cinch your hair. Don’t fuck with me now. I hope she use her powers much more tis season and cry less, much more less.

Another week and another look that Jessica fell off the skank ho truck. (I guess it’s my daddy out of town breaking loose case) Hoyt baby no, leave the mascara at home and the mesh shirt too all kinds of oH nooooos.

Lala using beach in soups, see that’s why I only eat at certain place. Just don’t know what is the main ingredients.

Sam’s still hot in jeans but still the worst shifter on TV. Here’s to hoping he turns into a better shifter as the season goes on.

Arlene I still don’t care. Tod is so cute.

Jason has issues and had an light bulb moment (Oprah finally kicking in) I would say poor Jason but I am just hoping he always wore an condom.

and oh tis happened too, he was having a lot of sex last night Flashback and present

You know what I want to be more than just his friend but I would start it tis way too.

 a lot of sexy time but I want to be more than just your friend just FYI.

 I want to be more than his friend, but tis is a good way to introduce your

boobs to him.


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