The Source aka Papa Stellan aka Stellan Skarsgard on the air.

Aww, papa Stellan gave or answer some folks questions, i didn’t send in any I am waiting for an invite to his kitchen to cook some kind of meal and chow then have a glass of wine and conversate. But anyways here he is answering some question and being a Kool cat. Papa Stellan he was also stylin’.


20 June 2012 12:11PM

What was in the briefcase in Ronin? What did you think it was or might be?
we all agreed it was just sandwiches.


20 June 2012 10:38AM

Is it possible to switch off the anger of a character such as Randbæk in Zero Kelvin (Kjærlighetens kjøtere) when the scene ends? (I have NOT seen tis now I must see tis)

So glad you saw that film. It’s one of my favourites. But since I come from theatre where you might have to do three different characters in a Shakespeare play, you can’t become these characters. And I’ve learnt to switch on and off.

Do you get bored with people complaining about English-language remakes?

Not bored. But it is something we have to live with as long as the rest of the world refuses to properly learn Swedish.

Hi, Stellan
Congratulations on your body of work. You’re never less than highly watchable.
You’ve played some really weasely baddies in your time (I’m thinking Ronin and Good Will Hunting, for starters).
Do you have a preference? Goodies? Baddies?

No I don’t have a preference. I don’t even believe in goodies or baddies. I don’t think they exist. Except in the movies and in George W Bush’s brain. But whatever character I do, I try to make them as full of contradictions as possible, as unpredictable as possible, ie as human as possible.

Hi Stellan,
Can you freeze hummus?

I don’t know. I think you should try it. There is of course a risk that the emulsion between the sesame seed paste and the lemon juice will seperate. But you could solve that with a little slop of tehina in a bowl and gradually whip in the seperated hummas. You have to take food seriously.

Weird. I just woke up from a dream with Alexander Skarsgard in it. Not a dirty one ‘cos I love my husband. 

There are no dirty dreams. (obviously he hasn’t heard mine) 

Way off track here but regardless, if your a footie man whats your team? ….AIK Stockholm/IFK Gothenburg/Malmo. And, did you enjoy gubbing the French 2-0 on Tuesday?

Apart from that, respect you so much …. you bring an approachable element to the Von Trier films as well as going by your past interviews you display a rebelious attutide to the profession … god bless!

If I have any team it’s Hammarby and I did appreciate seeing the French lose to a team that hasn’t shown much talent in a while.

Can you tell us outsiders in a few words what it is like to work with LvT from a creative point of view?

It’s really all creative. And everything happens while the camera is rolling. You cannot come with a preconceived idea that you’ve rehearsed in front of the mirror, deliver it and expect it to be accepted. Every take is different and it’s all about exploring the possibilities of the scene. It’s very light-hearted, there’s no pressure, f*cking up is encouraged. In short: wonderful.

If you could give a young actor or actress one piece of advice what would it be?

Don’t lie.

I liked him better in the original Swedish version of TGWTDT.


Hey Stellan,
First time I saw you in cinemas was in “October Red”, playing the bad-a*s soviet submarine captain trying to kill Ramius/Sean Connery. And you were a really angry captain, smoking on board of a submarine! Do you think foreign/european actors still do have the compulsory step nowadays to play baddies to get access to Hollywood attention, and why?

A couple of decades ago, the American film industry was mostly relying on the domestic box office. They could exercise the xenaphobia that meant anyone with an accent had to be killed at the end of the movie. That is not possible anymore since most of their income now comes from abroad.

Dear Stellan,
Can you give us some details concerning the new Lars von Trier’s movie, Nymphomania? Will the shooting begin this summer as scheduled? What about the cast?
Thanks a lot for all you’ve been doing, you’re an amazing actor!

We’re planning to start shooting in late August. The only actors that I know are cast are me and Charlotte Gainsbourg. it will be two films: Nymphomania 1 and 2 and both in two versions, one soft for the faint of heart and a hardcore one for the rest of us. (Lmafo, Oh lawd I wonder which one am I? Shit,  I am so going for the hardcore Lars porn, I need to see that)

you can find the rest here.



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