His reproductive organ is on alot of people mind/photoshop projects

See, I know that there is alot of WANT to see and WANT to be apart or on it but Gosh I have to say I have never seen such desire/want/ perversion to see your Cock. I had to say it I haven’t said it in a while, it’s a good word.

Anyways, in my mind it better than that, but in my mind a lot is going down so let’s not go there. But tumblr. Wow! Lets just say be prepared for whatever. Your face dude is being attached to a lot of bits, parts. (trust me I have seen my fair of what the fuck perversion, I felt unclean) Aww being famous in the 20 century. Those that can’t have, must photoshop.

Since I love seeing your face. I am just going to post these, san cray cray just handsomeness that is Alexander Skarsgård.

 your eyes Alexander, oh my your eyes. Your face is not bad either. He is gonna have to let me make out with his lips for the love of… look at it

 tis is pretty much how I see him sitting there, well lets just say waiting for my approach.

 handsome face.

 sweet swag.

Anyways keep the delusion alive!  about his huge long reproductive organ.

God bless it. I say.

tis doesn’t need a reason just posting.


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