Aww my Boo boo kitty doing Groceries. (without me)

Yes, yes you know I try my best to include myself in his life as much as humanly possible and until he gives himself to me I shall and will remain a bit piss that he does his daily life without me included in it. But okay he has to eat so I wouldn’t be an ass about him grocery shopping without me. But how sweet and cute to watch him like a perv stalker at what he is buying or will make for dinner.

Him groceries shopping hawt no! Hellz yeah. He loves to eat so he should know how to cook. If he loves to cook that’s another post which needs intensive investigation that I will of course volunteer for. Anyways, he looks a bit tired. I hope he is not sick or something. Also looks like he’s wearing hammer pants. Haha I have a few but okay I know it isn’t hammer pants but he is too legit too quit. There will be music, you know there will be music.

  aww look at him, so precious. I wonder what he is pondering chicken or fish. I would say fish for obvious reasons of course.

 aww look at my boo doing his daily or is tis weekly or monthly I have no idea how often he grocery shops. He looks like the eats out a lot. Maybe he is waiting for me to join him for dinner and lunch and especially dessert.

 what’s in your basket boo boo? I mean the grocery one. Altho I have a nice pic in my head of what’s in your other grocery basket. See what I did there, no? Move on.

 aww he so precious, look at him ponder yet again, I bet he chose steak or beef or something. He likes red meat I can see that. That’s fine there is always time for fish, it very healthy for you, ya know. But he is so adorable. Now he has to cook something for me. Like real soon, like July 11 soon. Let me see what he can dish out. I will make dessert, I am very good at dessert.  I can assure that it will be sweet.

 he is so sexy tho. so sexy

 My sexy grocery shopper, we gonna have to do tis together real soon boo, buy stuff for dinner and dessert. I don’t see any sweet treats (that would be his bedroom nick name, or would it be mine we will see)

yeah  that basket is missing some chocolate syrup/whip cream and some fresh fruits plus whatever else is sexy and delicious for the after dinner treats. Just saying it’s very good for you, desserts. You wouldn’t even need plates for that.

Aww I miss him tho, I hope he is taking care of himself and eating well and getting some rest, he is gonna need it. LOL! No seriously July 11 it’s on….He  can show me what he can come up for dinner and I can show him my best dessert dish. Oh yeah…


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