OMG I can’t see through my eyes… filled with water from laughing so hard.

Douchebags Of The Caribbean

 First of all 

John Mayer has achieved the impossible by making himself look like a bigger douchebag than he already is. John Mayer wore this “shiver me tampons” mess to Palihouse in West Hollywood last night and it wasn’t pirate or costume night. Wearing this mess is only okay if you’re at a ren faire, operating one of the rides at Fantasyland in Disneyland, performing in front of Treasure Island, posing next to Fabio for the cover of a gay romance novel, participating in a Firefly-themed role play orgy, working as busboy at Medieval Times or if you’re acting in an episode of Dr. Who. Basically, what I’m trying to say is that wearing this outfit is okay as long as your name is not John Mayer. If your name is John Mayer, then it’s definitely not okay.

John Mayer’s obsession with looking like Johnny Depp needs to stop. Earth to d-bag, you’ll never look like Johnny Depp and you’ll really never look likeJack Sparrow. The only way John Mayer would look like Johnny Depp is if Johnny Depp got into a terrible accident and had to have facial reconstruction surgery using pieces of a prolapsed rectum. That’s it.

 OMG DYING so much funny in words and pics.
 why would you do tis to yourself.
Someone send MK some flowers or a hot dude, summin. Tis deserves compensation.

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