Aww look at my LION aka Eric Northman.

See he is a lion, why didn’t they use that. We Fucked like beast and roared like Lions. I am going with that from now on. Why can’t the writing be as great as the promos and also as intense.

 he can look so menacing and sweet and masculine all at the same time and it is most effective in his eyes. They are the best part of him.  His fangs tho.

 licking his finger. I would love to help him with that.

 this seduction I need to be apart of it and by be apart of I mean licking his middle finger, shoot all is fingers. I LOVE HIS HANDS. I LOVE ALL HIS BITS.

 SEE he is alpha male, look at him roar. He does it very well. The lions would be proud of you  Alexander.

his fangs tho I love his fangs they are Fangtastic I have seen many vamp movies. I was a tom boy hang mostly with my brothers and they watched a lot of horror movies. They would let me sneak and watch late at night, (of course when my mama was asleep)

see all of tis, that 1000 year old animal His fangs are the best vamp fangs I have ever seen and they are hot as hell to me, I get flustered and bothered ( is my kink showing, I ain’t even sorry tho). I want him to take them home with him and make use. FYI he is scary me a little, it’s in his eyes they are intense.

see tis. Why am I not seeing tis when shit goes down. Why is he not owning shit when shit goes down.

 his strength are in his eyes. It fucks with my concentration. I don’t know if he practice in front of the mirror but he is doing great. It’s  strong and I can feel it. It’s quite intimidating. Aww My lion, my beautiful male Swedish Viking Lion how I love thee so.

Homage to Eric and tis lion wasn’t even trying and it’s still fucking amazing. can you imagine when he really means it. Luckily for took a nap after wards. haha! Lions are awesome.

lol at Beehl being netted. The natural order of things.

I am done with the ranting. I made up my mind I don’t care of how shit is going down character wise. Ugggh!

Anyways let’s talk about the thing I did like about ep 2.

 I laughed with ya Pam.

 now that’s how you enter a house.  Omg tis was so amazing in so many ways. FUCKING GOLD!!

 haha my spine. Steve as Vamp is so good and so funny.

 haha good one.

 he is licking his thumb nuff said.

 Eric Northman in Edwardian clothes is HAWT!!haha take the compliment Pam you’re off the clock, remember.

 yeah don’t tell me Salmone and Nora are not in on something together. and he is not included in any of it. At least he cares tho.  see why did she say that and why is she doing the torture (ok she def as a thing for him but still) If no one knows she is is sister ,why would she say tis.  No one send him a memo or an email that shit is suspect.

Anyways going back to source of feelings.

 tis is now my favorite gif.


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