Aww my boo boo kitty it’s alright. It was a good match and it was i.n.t.e.n.s.e

Yeah before I console mah boo online I just want to say that was a good match, they both wanted it and they played for it and it was fucking INTENSE. Wesus that’s why I don’t watch football often, makes my blood pressure go up and make me angry like the HULK. Just so much swearing, so much swearing. But Sweden did GREAT they played better than some other fucktards in the Euro cup. So much frustrations. But can we talk about Mellberg he was fantastic Sweden should buy him an extra car or summin or give him a piece of  land with Reindeers or summiin. Just saying Sweden. Just saying, not to say that the others didn’t play well they all did on both teams that 3rd goal by Welbeck lawd that’s hoo dooo  shit, now I ain’t a big football fan. I mostly watch the big games and such but what do you call that an heel kick. That goal was GOLD shit man.  If it wasn’t for that 3rd goal y’all would have had it. Something died after that goal. yep, died.

But Sweden did great but I am sure Boo boo kitty is sad right now and if I was there I would let him rest his head on my boobage and let it out. I am sure it would have gone a little summin like tis.

ME: Aww boo boo, don’t be sad. (reaches out arms to give comfort)

Boo:  We were close, so close (sad and more sad)

Me: I know boo, I know you guys did great.

Boo: Why, why can’t we win? (So sad and confuse, tears welling up)

ME: Boo, come here and let me hug you.

Boo Walks over like a sad 4 year old that drop his ice cream cone. Sits down hug him and kiss him on the forehead

Me: Next time better. But Melberg was awesome.

Boo: He was, wasn’t he. (looks up slight smile)

Me: Yep, he should get an extra fancy car or summin from Sweden.

Looks down at sad Swede,

Boo: We were so close, so close. (sad again)

Me: Yeah those fucking Brits, did you call Stephen?

Boo: I can’t right now. My emotions. (in fetal position)

Me: Okay, follow me I will make it better.

Leads sad swede into bedroom and start the sexual healing with some Marvin gaye. Yeah that’s how it will go down.

But since I am not there here to kiss it and make it better  here are some visual solution.

and the there was this.


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