I love tis human being so much.

First of all I can see that I am gonna have to cage fight Macmillz for Alexander’s hand or meatballs. Look at his face, he enjoys it way too much. I have yet to decide which, how about both. Ya know what? I can take him tho.  The man love, I love it.  I swear Macmillz loves it too, they like to be man handle by Askars. (don’t blame them)

Tis funny was needed it kind a suck day, me and my friends are sad. fuck, fuck, fuck, why. 

tis human being. I love him so much. Haha,he is funny.. I love that, he arouses and amuses me two very important ingredients,  but I would be Kristen in tis photo teeth and all. haha.. oh hey there Dennis, love your hat.

 tis is my numero uno shoot of his, loved it.

ALEXANDER SKARSGÅRD Behind-the-Scenes from BULLETT MEDIA on Vimeo.

Speaking of shoots, tis pimptastic coat. lawd tis shoot. You can’t tell me he ain’t on his way to collect his 95% of his ladies of the corner salary.

all that’s missing is his pimp hat/cane.

 tis is don’t fuck with my money face, LMFAO then he feels bad for slapping someone face. He doesn’t want to be a pimp, why they make him a Swedish pimp tho,  seriously what in pimp hell.

 His strut/swag is the shit tho and tis brings the crotch glory . Yeah I see it and I am still staring too.  Lawd there’s a whole lot of good stuff in dem pants. A whole lot of good stuff. Why do you hate me boo boo? Why! I would own it and control it and train it as a pet. Whaa! You read correctly.

  yeah try and tell me he ain’t going to collect his percentage.

see tis lamb was not giving a fuck.

 aww but he was sweet with her tho.

 he needs to walk over my way tho July 11,  just like that. Just like that.

  Just so sexy .




  so much. K

just because it needs to be here and on me and around me, all the time

 lawd and summin….

Just because Tis needed to be said. Yvetta did 6 hours and she wasn’t a fucking Vamp. Da fuck now.

Eric Bangs His Sister
True, Nora isn’t his real sister. They have the same maker, and we’re probably just throwing “incest shock” into the mix this season to keep up with the Game of Throneses Jonses. Here’s where things got Not Believable: Nora stopped having sex with Eric because his cell phone rang, heralding Russel’s return. Listen, Nora, it’s not a Broadway show and you’re not an indignant, mid-performance Hugh Jackman; you’re having sex with Alexander Johan Hjalmar Skarsgård. Hit silent. Or just let that sucker ring.

Why Do Any of You Have Jobs?
Seriously, if you can turn into an owl or clean at hyperspeed, you can rob a bank. Ask anybody who owns a bar. It sounds fun, but, man it’s a lot of work.


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