Grattis på födelsedagen! Papa Stellan.

So today I had a nagging feeling that I forgot something and it was annoying the shit out of me, I check my things to do list. My email. My phone there was just something nagging the fuck out of me and I just couldn’t figure what it was. So I come online and into Alexander world and lo and behold It’s the Source/Papa Stellan/ Stellan Skarsgård birthday the reason why it was bugging me was I post a lazy tribute (yes it was lazy I could have done better, I make it up to you I will bake a pie, cake etc etc) to him not so long ago thanks to tumblr and I came across his birthday. June 13, 1951.  (he and my mama share very similar dates)So that was save in the back of my brain files that why I was bugging out today. 

 Papa Stellan 

I have to celebrate and congrats The Source he is the beginning of it all.  (tis happen and I wasn’t there) Mama My will get her just tribute as well, Yes the Source did his bit….tis human being>>>>  (tis happened and I wast there with them, yes I felt the need to say it again) but Mama My is and was the life force of it all. As I said Stellan did a lot of great movies and have a awesome career but he looks like a man who treasure more his family and friends more than career and that deserves also respect, it shall be given and I adore Papa Stellan if I was there where ever he is maybe is just waking up to the day or he is ending the day with a glass of wine or whatever he does to chill and ease in the mood. I don’t know what kind of music he likes or if he likes to dance and get down with his bad self but if I were there I would turn up his radio get down jungle boogie with him and bake him a pie/pudding (he seems to like international food and taste) it is legendary, one of my family best recipe. Everyone I or my family makes it for loves it. Then I will drink one glass of wine with him and let him finish the bottle and let him go on about his life and work and I would be interested but he looks like a good story teller too. 

So here are some pics of him and his priced possession his family.

 gosh I see tis, I see Alexander. I swear.

This came from your first born. He seems to know you better than I do.

Q: Is it important for you to have achieved this measure of success with True Blood given your actor father Stellan’s remarkable acting career?

Skarsgård: I’ve always wanted to prove myself and make my own way in the world without people

saying I’m just the son of a famous father. I’ve never thought that I was competing with my father or

trying to match his success. His work stands on its own. But I think acting may have been my attempt to prove to him that I have some talent and impress him a little bit. I think most sons want their fathers to be proud of them.

Q: Do you and your father get along?

Skarsgård: Dad is one of my best friends. He is such a good guy and I love him so much. So many kids complain or have problems with their father, but I have been very lucky to have had a father who is very cool, very supportive, and just someone I have admired all my life and felt so good to grow up and always know that he cared about me even though he works a lot. My dad always made it a point to be very present in our family. We first worked together in 1983 on my first movie (Ake och hans varld) back in Sweden and then we had the chance to do Melancholia with Lars von Trier. I hope we’re going to get the chance to work again.

He is a cool Kat.

Happy healthy Birthday wish you many more too. Have lots of cake and ice cream.

Some Stevie for you too.


Excuse me I am going to reblog the shit out of fuckyeahstellanskarsgard.


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