You better be walking around Sodermalm July 11, 2012 time unknown cause….

Lawd, you just have to be there, so I can walk into you and rub myself into you (accidental of course). UGHHH look at you. You’re like sex with feet. I would make you say my name in so many languages. Ugh just be on it lawd. But before I talk about how much I want have  repeat sex with you I do, I really do. And how much I love you. I do I really do.

 Awww Boo boo kitty sorry. Sweden lost, come here and let me love you. I feel your pain, I do, lets console and comfort each other, come into my warm embrace.

As I was saying you better be there so I can, well I think I pretty much covered it by posts today, now please find me so I can demonstrate.

 Uggh you are so sexy my loins. The things I want to do. I seriously CAN NOT  put it on tis blog but I would be more than happy to demonstrate tho. More than fucking happy. Ugggh lawd just be there.

 when he brushes his hair, I  just want to mess it up badly and your hair I want to pull on it and do stuff, awesome stuff, primal stuff. Uggh I needs to be having the sex with you end and beginning of story.

 where are you? Why are you not in my bed or me in yours. UGGGH I want to ride his back and his front in broad day light (okay with clothes on, I meant piggy back him.)

there are sounds coming out of my mouth looking at you and these are pics, omg the sounds in person, lawddon’t think that my luster has over shadow the fact that you have on new clothes. Uggh wants you so much more. SO MUCH WANT, SO MUCH DESIRE, SO MUCH PASSION FOR YOU.  It’s going to be a long warm night… anyroo New pants here

 hot fresh pieces here, he looks like Spring, love the white shirt on you and the pants, I don’t know I have to see them up close, take them off and inspect them closely. NYC Side ass, glory days I need to….. grunts and moans and groans at screen and brush over various body parts. Uggh it’s gonna be a ruff night. My mind will be having me in a fit later, such a sexy fit later  ugggggggggghhhhh. Lawd wanting you so bad.

You better be in Sodermalm July 11 and be the receiver of tis gift I have for you.

I am gonna need some Enya to tone my shit down. take deep breath and think of ugly ass people.


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