Well of course there was Eric Northman Sexing that means True Blood is back.

First of all well hello there Eric Northman (exsqueeze me Ike Applebaum, lol )  side ass,  Eric Northman side ass, glory days (it is what, it is vamp sex/fucking, hence pornish feel) and you ARE SO wearing a sock, or summin my man there is no way your dick is hitting on that) so Eric Northman/Ike Applebaum, (yes I am a still having fun with that) had the sex with his sister. (when he says sister, eww,  dude I have brothers, I know but that she is NOT really his sister, but still that some hill billy inbreed shit I don’t want to hear) I would really prefer that he doesn’t say sister anymore during the sexing, kinda like Spanish people shouldn’t say papi to their boyfriend, it’s quite disturbing but okay I will get over it. Anyroo back to nekkid ass. The kiss was way hotter than the sex. What? Yeah you read correctly, the kiss was way hotter. There was something lacking and it wasn’t nekkidness and ass Let’s just say I believe he was having sex with Yvetta for 6 hours more than I believe tis. Of course tis doesn’t mean that I didn’t rewind that scene a *cough*few times. Okay, I stop counting after five. You best believe I block her face out. If I can block Sookie I can block her  out too. Like y’all didn’t do the same.

 (everything is better in slow mo, take your time, take it slow, enjoy it)Sexing is great, but it felt kinda felt pornish. Maybe I was expecting vamp sex to me more raw, passionate I don’t know. So all in all Sookie and Eric is still my number one TB sexing. hands down or is that panties off, Yeah I said it, what? I did how ever appreciate the nekkidness. Aww Vampires fucks, people knit sweaters and eat ice cream.

I got to say tho, him speaking Swedish in between was hawt, I know I’d be speaking in a foreign language too as well, maybe some tongues as well, lol absol fucking lutely, but I like that she pulled his hair, ruff no? Yes, likes a lot. (ok she did for different reason, but let that sucker ring) but I would pull his hair among other things while he is doing his thing and tell him to say my name, say out loud, S.L.O.W.L.Y Say it! Articulate my name lover, slowly, let it roll off the tip of your tongue, while he is looking at me in the eyes. Then  I would suck off his lips. Yes lips, that what I meant to say,  just don’t even know. (good lawd tis is not a good way to start the week. Frustrations of the sensual kind)

 Beehl such a creeper . Why you got to be so close dude? Could have kept some distance. LMFAO!! BTW his bod is the shit, uggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, grunts and groans, moan at screen and stroke various parts repeatedly. Did I typed that out loud? I ain’t even sorry tho.

Anyroo let me dive into Eric part of tis season, so basically from my point of view he fucks Nora because FUCK SOOKIE (which I still agree with, I just can’t with her)  (hence container family reunion sex, dig it, got it, noted) hey when normal people get dumped they get drunk and cry in their phones to their friends.(conversation like I loved  him so much. whys. stuff like that(creys and snotty boogers and nasty stuff dripping from your nose and eyes and it’s just not pretty for you and the people around you) I guess) But Vamps they get dumped then they get kidnapped find their sister then have container family  reunion sex. Sexy Times. One does what what one can with the situation. But good for Eric got it out of his system and his peen. Yayyyyy for sexing and here are the gifs.

 interesting job you have dude. (some people pick up garbage some people pretend sex on camera, jobs everybody has one) LOL! Strategically place leg from peen shot.Got it! He’s going to cock block or is it protect the full frontal in True blood isn’t he? I am going with yes. I would too. (I don’t even care tho, just as long as it’s what I wake up to in the morning and go all the way on at nights) That shit would be gifffed to death and viral within seconds and on everyone’s iPod,phone, pad  and dvd player around the world. LOl

 sex noise, yeah don’t wake the neighbors. My neighbors are going to need ear plugs just saying, sing it out when you’re happy. let the moans out when…… Oh gawd that stare, is sex.

 container sex,(now everyone’s be going to the docks to be finding empty containers to get their rocks off,  excuse me: note to self, docks, container, male…) I would put him up against well where ever.  ok….

what the fuck? Was it a sport event?  Vamp Olympics, who’s got gold and who got silver then. Lawd. These lines.  see I just can’t with these sex scene when I hear brother I instantly go into hell nah, my brain shut down and my eyes shut. I just can’t with this hill billy shit. I hope tis is the first and last to oh brother get thee into my vagina.(gross) I just can’t  I KNOW THEY AREN’T REALLY bro ham and bro sis BUT SAYING BROTHER GET INTO me  WHILE MOANING DOES NOTHING FOR ME EVEN IF THAT IS ERIC NORTHMAN/ IKE APPLEBAUM AND THAT’S SOME SAD SHIT. STOP SAYING BROTHER moan SISTER. I FEEL UNCLEAN.

then there was tis Oh Lawd. These lines. Stop TB writers. Stop.

  yes you should. then go  oh lawd where is the violin?  where is the violin?  Aww the beginning of man love. Percious. Even Beehl is getting Eric Northman loving. I might just shed a tear. Might.

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