She could have just said Ike Applebaum (yeah tis is still happening) but that wouldn’t get it talk about, now would it?

Lawd I go out come back and twitter and tumbler and people be losing their panties and their minds. Why y’all got to makes thesis and bibles and novels about tis shit. I know it’s not tv it’s HBO but come on now, it’s just a show with actors playing in scenes. You know a writer may or may not have watch some snuff film or something weird be like you know what man let’s have Ike Appelbaum bang his sister at first go and then have they repeat sister, brother inserts moans and grunts that’s 5 minutes air time. LAWD!! y’all need to stop with the thesis tho, I just can’t read all tis shit. You wanted nekkid Ike Appelbaum you got nekkid Appelbaum. I knew he would be having the sex straight after, thank god it wasn’t with a goat cause lawd I have my lines. Don’t cross them people.

In the end of the day she could have just said 3, 2, 1 Action

Nora: I miss you Ike Appelbaum

Appelbaum: Appel what now?! (confused yet intrigued glare)

Nora: shut up and continue….Appelbaum (moans)

Appelbaum: Nora!

Moments later, all 3 walks towards a group of vamps.

Nora: Here’s your new passport.

Eric: Ike Appelbaum (rise eyebrow) Oh I see what you did there,  looks over at Nora and winks seductively.  Ike Appelbaum

See what I did there? NO! no worries.

My issue not problem is they already established that they were bro, sis. Why continued with including brother/sister in the sex talk,  her name is Nora or whatever kink they came up with for each other and he is Appelbaum. So don’t write a 450 book telling me that they aren’t brother and sisters really I KNEW THAT GAWD. I just eww a bit from brother and sister and if Pam calls him daddy next week lawd I just can’t. Unless you are stating unstable incest character yippee ki yay motherfucker. Point and case if you say in real life I love him like a brother, there will be no loving after dark or in a container. (at least not from my ass)  That’s all I got now stop with the fucking thesis and enjoying what they gave you pretend sex on tv on a Sunday.

While I am ranting can I just tell ya tis line just ain’t doing it for me. I keep hearing Queen.

 look like he is adjusting/messing  with  his good  stuff. Lawd

I keep hear Queen we are the Champion sorry does nothing for me I would have prefer  something along the lines, he came out and said We fuck like beast and roared  like Lions. See what I did there. No, move on, Not Champions, sound so mac and cheese. I like it but not on my tv.

Then there was Pam, she gave a lot of fucking team spirit man. Pam = awesome= always.

Alcide said summin….Next

Then Sookie replied summin….Next

 I don’t know highlight of my day. My loins is loyal to one side ass and one side ass only,  but I did tilt my head and say well look at you Andyyy.

 Teara is a Vampyr now, Oh Lawd help us and the characters.I pretty much gave up on Teara, but I give her 3 ep  to win me over if otherwise  I am vamp speeding her ass to the next scene. Jessica had American Idol the Bon Temps edition at her place and Jason placed guitar, Okay then.

 there was more nekkid, no one ever opens the door for me like that, prudes, I live amongst prudes.  The Reverend gave up on Christ  and is Gay now and he swears like a motherfucker too. Praise his light. Then tis happened  then tis. pretty much how I felt watching most of that too.



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