Because tis just needs it own post. LMFAO I am amused and entertained again.

I swear to God and Allah and Moses and the ten commandants, Noah and the Ark, and whatever  other biblical stuff  with some lions and tigers and sea lions toss in there and what not these were my exact thoughts. LMFAO the kiss was hot tho  LMFAO Dead from laughter OMG tis gold. Sweet jesus. Jerry! Jerry!! Only thing missing is Snookie Snatchhouse.

Please note one of these women stole chicken from Walmart (you can’t make tis kinda of shit up) and went to jail for 10 days so I guess if I stole (it’s ain’t going to happen) CK posters I would get 3 maybe 5. Lawd I just can’t.

and of course beautiful moments like these frozen in time or on you tube.

 LMFAO so many pervs on tumblr so many, many, many many pervs on Tumblr. Fuck it, the entire interwebs  makes my job much more easier, copy and paste and admire. Schwing!!


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