Lawd knows that I want to ENCOUNTER Alexander Skarsgård

I really didn’t need a perfume to tell me I need to ENCOUNTER Alexander Skarsgård it’s pretty much align with the heaven and earth that it must happen.(just need Alexander to get with it already) Do you know how many ways I can go with ENCOUNTER And Alexander. Well let’s just say hello say hot fiction I’ll be writing about you. But seriously tho I don’t have a BF, who the fuck can I buy this for? I can’t for my brothers or males cousins because I would be compel to do things that hill billy inbreed freaks would say  Good damn, do you have a copy or  book with instructions.

 it’s a standard  perfume ad but I like it the twilight blue, black shades is working for me, he looks great with a taint or color and I see water  let there be water involved.

I also have the strong feeling that I would be finding me a part time job at a fragrance store just so I don’t end up in jail for shop lifting and shit (posters, mostly I just can’t go to jail for that, plus my Mama would not be pleased and my brothers wouldn’t never let me live that shit down.) So plan B get a part time job where I end up working for like a week buy a bottle get store discount but most importantly have access to poster and what ever else comes with this ad. Then call in sick and then never return, sounds like a great plan, now to find the closest store to my house.

Lawd tis poster need to be in my bedroom staring down at me at all times. Wait there is something wrong with that sentence. It should be more like Alexander needs to be in my bedroom staring and playing with me at all times. Yes that sounds better but tis motherfucker wouldn’t give himself to me. Damn you Skarsgård Damn you to my bed which is where I would love you to be not like the rest of the house would be neglected I am pretty much all over everything with you.

Encounter has top notes of mandarin, cardamom and rum leading to a heart of pepper, Egyptian jasmine,(the first scent would be great)  patchouli and cognac before leaving a trail of agarwood, atlas cedarwood and musk.(but mix together smells pretty strong stuff. sounds uber MASCULINE )

OK those scents apart is great but together lets see, I love mixture tho,  now I really want to know what it smells like Dear Alexander,  my door is now open. Both of them, please come in so I can sample/sniff your scent.

So this commercial wouldn’t be out tis september.





To be honest this is the best name for a perfume that he represents cause lawd Encounter of the 3rd kind.


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