Congrats Boo Boo kitty, mi amor Alexander Skarsgård

Yes, Congratulations boo boo, I feel so proud I could hug the shit out of you right now, maybe for far too long and you wouldn’t be able to breathe. You have to give major respect to the Skarsgårds he has been basically handling the year like a

 I mean he got a lot of shit going on, most of them are great and most of them he has been holding down in his swedish trouser  for a while too then BAM surprise you have been Skarsgård didn’t even know I was  playing the game. I love it it, so hot. I love that he  is all over it and controlling it. (please don’t sell your soul tho) So hawt and gets some much damn respect from me that if he was here I would hug him and squeeze him and tease him etc etc etc..

But seriously tho, I love what he got going on. I feel so proud of him I could cry and I could continue crying because I am not hitting hit hard for days on a religious basis but that’s another post but I wouldn’t talk about it because I will get fucking depressed but still happy times, happy times. he is doing the best with what he’s got and time he has, he has got my respect and admiration my love he already have. So 3 for 3.


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