So his scent will be in stores to be purchased. Aww spouses finally getting the love their ladies deserves.

Yep, all those boyfriends and husbands will be getting surprise cologne and with that a Barry White cd for a special night with the ladies in their lives. (let the fantasies beginning) Shit I don’t have a BF can I wear it on myself? Is that sad? Or would my questions be. Is that a new bottle of the sample perfume. Is that your only poster of Alexander Skarsgård CK ad. Is that tall big dude over there your security guard? Is that your only exit? Did you drop that 50? (runs out quickly with unpaid purchases) You know the fucks sometimes I don’t have them.

Hopeful it’s something like this.

This is the sexiest perfume commercial ever. Seriously watch it. EVER,  it’s on my iPod. I regret nothing. There is water and beach and sweat and closeness. Ugh just watch. every time without fail after watching tis vid I get sexual frustration and have the super urge to book caribbean/beach trip a and have some beach relations from sunrise to sunset and drinking coconut water and fresh fruits and grill meat. Ugh my life I still have yet to have a proper beach trip. UGGGGH! Times like tis you miss having a plus 1 to make you a happy 2.

Or is it something like this

Which is probably more which way they went huh. Either ways I need it to be fucking hot. It will be he is in it and he ticks all my boxes.  Excited to see it and Excited to see it and rewind it  and sniff him. Okay, I was probably going to sniff him anyways so there was that point.

Alexander Skarsgard has reportedly landed a new modeling gig – for Calvin Klein‘s men’s fragrance!

The 35-year-old True Blood star will be featured in the brand’s upcoming campaign, which was shot a few months ago and will soon be released, according to E! Online.

Alexander follows in the footsteps of other actors who’ve also starred in fragrance ads – Matthew McConaughey for Dolce&Gabbana, Ryan Reynolds for Boss, James Franco for Gucci, and Justin Timberlake for Givenchy.

Brad Pitt also recently signed on as the new face of Chanel‘s signature No. 5

now if you excuse me I shall now express myself in modern art form call gif form after reading tis. It called Alexander Skarsgård CK new face. 

But all in all great news. Good to see someone came to their selling potential sense and put his face and body on their product I am waiting for Dumb ford to give this man a contract and shit loads of free suits.


 HELLO FUCKING PLEASE! COME  ON TOM FORD> Wake up and smell the man in Suit.

So I can undress him while playing seductive songs. Oh yeah!  I mean come on his body is made to sell it. If he should be clothed he should look dapper and suited at all times just be going to Joan’s in a three piece suit, nothing strange about that. NUTTIN!

Nobody wears a suit like Alexander Skarsgård NO FUCKING BODY. I have yet to see another.  So what does tis scent smell like? I am curious than a motherfucker and I need to find out  my local perfume store and stalk it so I can go sniff him out (see what I did there no?! move on) Seriously Does tis mean I have to come with a story that I might be buying it for my BF (which I don’t have) when someone ask me who is it for or should I just say None of yo business and snatch the sample bottle and poster and run while spraying myself so I don’t smell. LOL but I’ll probably spray myself with it and when someone ask me why I smell like men’s cologne I will just say I was making out with myself. Not sad at all. Seriously tho don’t steal but come to think of it when I when to see Battleship there was huge ass poster of Alex of which I took a pic of because sometimes I am unbalance like that. But then a like 2 weeks later said poster was gone asked the dude that work there and he was like yeah someone took it. See! See! That was a big ass poster too. But for me it just means that when I see him again I just to go up close and personal and sniff his neck.


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