Epic week huh Alexander home skillet. So which is it, Play, Work or Hang. The East, when is it out?

Yes, I speak Juno. I am going to go on a branch here  and say he was wrong when he said last week that it was an Epic week, I mean tis week COME ON DUDE. Come on. But  I am going to go with work, hang. But these photos and vids and fuckermentary are very amusing to me. Like I am smiling and laughing at the same time what does that mean? Do I not care anymore. Who the fucks knows. I’ve been in tis madness that his Sparta  that is the days of his life for far too long. I just hope he knows what he is doing. Cause Alls I know nothing and I mean nothing spreads, travels, lives forever like gossip NUTTIN so I am going to say work, hanging out  but also  when does THE EAST COMES OUT? I said a couple of post back that I don’t know must about tis movie other than the  log line. But tis kinda gives off, get it out there. Do they have distribution? Do they have a 2012 release date? So many question so little time. BUT please by the end of the day this will be everywhere and every one will have their own version of the love story and she will be moving to Sweden and him to Canada and  They will be a marriage next week and a cover on People and she will be bingeing on Sunny D and everyone will know what that means, someone will send me a link to the video (like they did today, It will always come back to me some how) SO yeah I am sure next week there be sources to the trueness of the love (I will then find the highest building and jump off it without a parachute, noos I wouldn’t, my big sista will be on there screaming have you lost your ever loving mind now step the fuck off and get in the god damn car, that’s how we show our love with violence and shouting) The EAST will dominate the press because nothing sells or gets attention like gossip. They could put out the dopiest trailer ever and it wouldn’t get as much play as two people going to game in the same car. Gawd they’re practically married and the baby is on the way. (I hope it’s a boy and they buy a piece of land and get a cow and a lamb etc etc) I am still so amused by it all. SO AMUSED.  I AM SURE IT WILL BE CLEAR IN A FEW DAYS and my laughter will try into heavy drinking. (no it wouldn’t)

Anyroos there are  vid and pics. So lets put on our professor hats shall we.

 Gurl I hope you are on a “real phone call” and not pretending because you are in a awkward situation. Ya know y’all have done it once in your lifetime or twice on a Saturday night. Yes Alex someone is talking your picture. Be cool, stay cool home skillet.

 At least she is walking 1000 meters away from him and not the other way around. You know he could be there in two footsteps without losing sweat.

 He looks pretty at ease  for someone surrounded. His hair is still perfectly combed I mean come the fuck on if I was in that porsche for at like even 5 mins the least I would do is fucking mess with his hair. It would be wildly tossed around. Christ. No fucking way would it still be tis perfectly combed in the confinement of his porsche, no fucking way. But that’s just me. But back to the juicy stuff they went to a game in LA where there are paps. It not like he is surprised. He ain’t Ray Charles, those glasses aren’t for show. He sees and he knows and he plays accordingly. Don’t you Alexander? Has  with as little effort as to just show up and walk around and away will leave everybody  reacting like  sharks in a tan with a drip of blood.

 aww and the shippers have set sails and are a float. Got to love shippers all they need is a sighting and ships ahoy. Good times. I am way to amused and entertained by tis. Oh I see that he still haven’t bought any new clothes, that shit keeps me up at night. Okay not really, but still.

 aww cute face, something must have happened.

 aww something must have happened again. You know he has been a sport fan for way too long, his reactions are confined. That comes from years of training and not trying to knock people out from your over zealous excitement. The new ones are the one you hear apologizing the whole time for knocking and kicking you way too many times from their excitement. (I said I was sorry to the dude in front of me many times, ok)

 This one is just hawt and he looks gorgeous and he looked liked he rested and had sleep for a few days.

 aww precious Alexander has found Allah, praise his lamb.

 uh oh something else happened and Alexander is sad now.

 see you can only do tis pose if you are deodorant user (okay not really but please be a deodorant user there was a reason for it’s invention and use) Nice elbows dude the arms are not bad either.

All in all I am still amused reading and laughing at so much fuckermentary. Yes that is a word that should be in Alexander Fandom cause lawd, night or day in middle of  the evening there is always some shit.

Oh Page pretty much got points over all of us she has seen his good stuff and she is riding  (geesh, come on) in his porsche so yeah 2 points for Page but hold on a second now sorry Page but a lamb out sheep you he got mention and attention and cuddle and baby talk so yeah and oh could you next time not be sitting in my spot take the bus and or bring yo our damn car. Just saying.

That’s all I got and FYI it’s really bad press if two eco actors in a movie is driving in a porsche kinda defeats the action or attention for the movie no. Oh Hollywood good times all round.

Yeah alls in alls Amused and entertained, I missed the passion some passion, maybe desire summin it was kinda dry cut, but that’s just me. Maybe that’s how his love life or lack there of is dry cut. Anyroo much more important stuff. He fits perfectly in the porsche and nice to see I would fit perfectly too. There is Bajen Representation,  (see amused and entertained)no surprise there I am  how ever surprised it’s that small I thought he would have fill at least the passenger side with a green and white go Hammarby something. You know he doesn’t need to see traffic he has got eagle eyes.

Oh tis one is for all the romantic shippers. Everybody needs a theme song. Why the hell not.

Tis post was brought to you by me NOT mocking the fuckery which is what people illusion of what they ALWAYS think is going on (him and ladies always getting together even when he goes to the bathroom he is always macking). No it is not. No way would I be tis semi bitchy at tis time of the day I leave that for night time.

Is this real life or is this Inception.


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