For the love of Gawd. You know when you watch those last night docs about strange topic and one of them is about Vampire and sex and people that dress like vampire and have sex and how Fangtastic it is and you sit there watch because you’re bored and there is nothing else on tv or the remotes too far away and you want to see where it is going but mostly because you can just sit there and laugh your ass off at what freaks they are and how sad it is and  that you will never dress up like Dracula and a cape and white paint on your face just to get it off. No! Just me then. oh well, Late night docs flashbacks. Well then now I am in that club and there wouldn’t be a cape don’t need the makeup and there wouldn’t be  a doc but there is now a desire to Fang bang cause lawd, I swear when we are together(yes I said when not if, keep up) He has to bring them suckers home and leave them there so we can use them at least once a day for a few hours. Yeah the kinky perv has got ideas.

This cover makes me want to conversate with the lawd and ask WHY?! WHY Wesus WHYS!! Am I not on it like all the damn time

     Cause my will power is almost on Deplete.


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