What in the name of Jevovah witness Christ and Jesus is tis?

Lawd tis magazine press gets better and worst and worst again. My cans are unable to. Ya now when you were little and Jehovah witness would come by your house and give you these free folders(The Watch tower) to read and they had all these clouds and sunlight in them  with stories of Christ and what he did for you etc, etc and they told you would be closer to God and God loves you and go towards the light and Jehovah with them. No! Well just me then, no worries. Jesus Flashbacks. I ain’t even mad tho. I actually read most of them when I found them again but I tell ya right now tis minute  if  the spread looked like tis back then. If Alex was in most of the Jehovah folders I would have converted to Askars ages ago among other things would have help me quicker transcend in to ladyhood. “winks” “winks”

I still don’t know what tis spread is about, Sin, lambs blue red suits. Are they trying to tell us that Askars is a Reverend, priest in his spear time. Second coming what? Because I am confizzled but I would go back to church religiously tho. But seriously where are those Jehovah witness when you need them.

but in a crazy way he does seems somes God like, so I give them some points for that.

Praise his light!


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